Lost & Found Studio Setup Using Touch-Base UPDD And Dell ST2240T Touch Screen

Touch-Base UPDD for Mac OS X Review

I recently bought the Dell ST2240T touch screen monitor after having seen how well touchscreens were working for Hammy in his studio and for other users on Gearslutz, I just had to get in on this. In the past I had tried using ...

Contour Design ShuttleXpress Multimedia Controller and MacBook Air

Contour Design ShuttleXpress Multimedia Controller Review

The Contour Design ShuttleXpress is a USB hardware interface that takes some of the hassle out of editing video and audio whilst on the move. Already being at a disadvantage without multiple displays, and then further without dedicated buttons, sliders and important looking ...

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean in Glass

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush Review

Over the last seven months I’ve been thoroughly reviewing the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean electric toothbrush, a really smart looking piece of hardware, definitely the Lexus of the toothbrush world, but how does it stack up to closer scrutiny and serious use from someone ...

Space Grey iPhone 5s iOS 7 home screen

iPhone 5s 16GB Black/Space Grey Review

From the moment I first set eyes upon the pretentious linguistic devices of the updated Apple website advertising their latest iPhone 5s, I knew that it was time to update my increasingly senile iPhone 4s. Read on for an honest iPhone 5s perspective ...

Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS XL Closed Side By Side

Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing Console Review

The Nintendo 3DS XL is an eighth generation handheld games console aimed at a more mature gamer than the standard Nintendo 3DS, perhaps someone in their teens or even an adult, it features an overall larger footprint than the standard Nintendo 3DS providing ...

Diana Klochkova And Ashley Reta, Founders Of The Bang Wrangler

Interview With The Bang Wrangler Founders

Do you get mad-not-so-rad hair when you’re in the pool or on the beach with your friends? The Bang Wrangler can tame your wavy beach hair with its simple yet stylish and sophisticated approach to tackling the problem in a fantastic shade of ...

Windows Phone Landing Page With Cortana

Landing Pages: How to Make Yours More Engaging

When it comes to your online store’s landing page, it is essential that you have one that is engaging and that will encourage visitors to purchase from your site. As these pages are critical for converting those casual browsers into paying customers, you ...


Sennheiser MX 375 In-Ear Headphones Review1

Sennheiser MX 375 In-Ear Headphones Review

I bought the Sennheiser MX 375 In-Ear Headphones in black because the earphones supplied with my Windows Phone were of pretty lacklustre quality, as is the case with most bundled accessories that come with cellphones these ...

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ZOYA Zenith Winter 2013 Nail Polish Review1

ZOYA Zenith Winter 2013 Nail Polish Review

With ZOYA being difficult to find in the UK, this is my first time using a ZOYA nail polish, and I was very excited! Mosheen and Belinda are from Zenith, the winter 2013 collection from ZOYA. ...

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Karma Evo Bicycle Light Review0

Karma Evo Bicycle Light Review

The Karma Evo is an awesome LED light with an included lithium-ion battery made by Sigma; a Germany based brand who make bicycle lights, computers and watches. And boy, are they good. This light performed superbly for ...

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Tips for Creating an Online Refund Policy0

Tips for Creating an Online Refund Policy

Lately Bryan has been sketching up some new ideas for a clothing line we’re thinking about once we’re a little less busy with Dutious and releasing a record, it might be a spiritual successor to Clikyz ...

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Evercut Furtif Chef's Knife Review1

Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife Review

It has never been a secret that some of the most impressive food comes from France, but for some reason our friends over the English Channel aren’t quite as well known for what they use to ...

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The Cambridge Satchel Company 156

The Cambridge Satchel Company 15″ Sapphire Batchel Review

Everyone has seen that The Web Is What You Make Of It TV advertising campaign from Google, showing you what is possible with Google Chrome, the one with Julie Deane and her story of starting a business ...

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Wheatus - The Valentine LP Review0

Wheatus – The Valentine LP Review

Despite the name, The Valentine LP was actually released on August 2nd by Wheatus, The Valentine LP has been a while coming, two years and seven months in fact, Wheatus has released two EPs over the last five years in a series called Pop, Songs &

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Late Cambrian - Peach Review0

Late Cambrian – Peach Review

The followup to Social Season from Late Cambrian is one that I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a long while, I’ve been finally able to find a spare few hours to sit down, listen and write about Peach. If you love uplifting rock and haven’t heard of Late

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S.E.F. - M-O-E Remixed and Exclusive Free Track Download0

S.E.F. – M-O-E Remixed and Exclusive Free Track Download

M-O-E Remixed was released just a few hours ago, as you can probably guess, this features remixes of a track called “M-O-E” from S.E.F.’s Autonomy EP, which was released on Switched On Records last November. It’s no secret that I’ve been working on mastering one huge amount

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Lost & Found - Dedication EP Review1

Lost & Found – Dedication EP Review

The UK house scene really is quite a mixed bag, as are the majority of the Beatport charts for EDM in general, there’s some absolute gems out there, but there is also some absolute soulless nonsense too. Lost & Found is no stranger to the UK

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Interview With Thomas McConnell0

Interview With Thomas McConnell

Thomas McConnell is a musician from Liverpool, but later he moved to and grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne, keeping the musical legacy of his birthplace with him in the upheaval further north. Earlier this week we talked to him, and here’s what he had to say. Previous

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Interview with Singer-Songwriter Ali Ingle0

Interview with Singer-Songwriter Ali Ingle

Recently I interviewed one of Liverpool’s more popular singer-songwriters, Ali Ingle. Ali is well known for his poetic song lyrics that usually tend to drag you in, even on the worst of days. With his charismatic personality and witty wisdom shown throughout his songs, you’re bound

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