Are Wooden Cases Really Durable?

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To quickly answer your question, yes, if you buy from a reliable manufacturer. Wood is a durable material by itself, keeping both the integrity and looks good over time. However, a lot of other factors matter, including the quality of wood the manufacturer uses, its processing, and finish.

Here, in Previous Magazine, we will overview the concerns of some consumers as to the durability of any wooden iPhone case.

Why Is Wood Durability a Concern for Consumers?

When people hear about anything organic, they think it’s not going to last because it decays fast. This is understandable; not everyone will research the process of wooden case manufacture and learn about it before choosing one.

Wooden Phone Cases and Accessories Durability Factors

Any wooden accessory will last longer if:

  • The wood is of high-quality, stabilized (optional), and finished;
  • You take care of it.

If you visit, you’ll see some of the best examples of wooden cases that are very durable and look even better over time. Some durable products still need to be substituted due to the looks deterioration, but it’s not the case if we’re talking about wood.

The finish and wood stabilization is the manufacturer’s responsibility. But the care part is yours. And here are several recommendations that will help you maintain any wooden accessory in its best state (and protect your phone, cards, etc. well for a long time):

  • Use beeswax from time to time to reinforce the accessory;
  • Clean it every now and then from dirt and debris in small holes (charger, speakers, etc.);
  • Don’t throw your phone or hit, be careful. While the device will be safe due to the sturdiness of wooden cases, the accessory itself might break.

Wooden cases can last for years and only become better with age if you buy from a trustworthy shop and take care of them.

Image Credits: Woodgraw

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