Rockstar Fashion: The Ageless Style

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Rockstars have been around since the 60s but there have been many different varieties. You had the Beatles in the 60s who were very classically styled. They had shaggy manes of hair, but still wore shirts and ties and were a little more put together.

Going into the 70s and 80s, you had the more glamorous and out-there rock stars like Mick Jagger and David Bowie. They were wearing crazy coloured cat suits or skin-tight pants with long permed hair as they headbanged around the stage.

Moving into the 90s, you had the scruffy rock stars like Kurt Cobain with a mop of blond hair and baggy pants, or the Libertines boys in their trilby hats and skinny jeans with vest tops.

Modern day rock stars are a little more diverse in their clothing choices. Some go for the classic grunge with baggy cardigans and pants, and some are a little scruffier in their skinny jeans and ripped T-shirts.

Rockstar Style Items To Add to Your Wardrobe

Choosing your rockstar style depends on which look you prefer. But we’ve still got some staples to add to your wardrobe to get you started.

Skinny Jeans

To wear skinny jeans or to not wear skinny jeans is something that the generations will be fighting over till the end of time. But when it comes to rockstar fashion, they’re always in style. In fact, more than that, they’re a staple of the rockstar wardrobe.

The only choice you have to make is whether they’ll be patchwork pants, classic black skinny jeans or something even more outrageous. But you’ll always get extra rockstar points if you have a keychain attached to them, or a studded belt around them!

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is another staple item that every rockstar dresser should have in their wardrobe. The more oversized and the more buckles your leather jacket has, the better the look will be.

Black is the classic colour for a leather jacket, but white leather can bring a bit of a George Michael feel to the look. It’s great for summer as you won’t get quite as warm in it, but you’ll still look like a proper rockstar.

Coloured leather jackets are another level of cool. A red one is particularly out there, whilst still being in keeping with the rockstar image. You can add from fringe or badges to your leather jacket to complete the look.

Big Boots

Big boots have always been the shoe of choice when it comes to rockstars. There’s nothing refined about their footwear; the bigger and chunkier the better. Doc Martens are always a good choice when you’re looking for rockstar boots. They have a range of styles that suit everyone, and they last a lifetime.

If you don’t want to branch out into the chunky boot world, you could always meet in the middle and go for a Chelsea boot. These are also worn by rock stars all over the world, but they have a slightly more refined look to them. It’s more Mick Jagger and less Jonny Rotten.

Skinny Scarf

If you want a British pop punk band vibe, why not add a skinny scarf to your repertoire. You get some extra points if this scarf is black or has skulls on it as it adds to the rockstar look.

The skinny scarf can be worn around the neck or just slung loosely around the shoulders. You could go bold with a colour if you feel like your outfit needs it, but usually the rockstar palate is made up of all dark colours.

If you’re not a scarf fan, you could always rock a loose tie instead. This devil may care attitude is exactly what you need when dressing like a rockstar. It’s all about nonconformity and looking like the coolest kid on the block.

What rockstar look are you going to try and replicate for your own wardrobe?

Image Credits: Mick Haupt

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