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Getting into shape can have all sorts of benefits, from improving your health to building your confidence. You don’t have to be young or at a specific fitness level to get into shape; you just have to be ready to make a positive lifestyle change. Here are some tips for keeping fit and maintaining your progress.

Get Motivated

Before you hit the gym or alter your diet, you need to think about what is motivating you to make this change. Whether you want to get your weight under control, improve your self-esteem, or manage a health condition, use your motivation to push yourself to get into shape.

Consult Your GP

If you are older, have any medical conditions, or have a disability, speak to your doctor before you make any drastic lifestyle changes. They will know what kind of modifications you should make to your diet and what intensity exercise you should be doing. They can also provide specific advice about recovering from an injury or surgery. Your GP may be able to refer you to a nutritionist or a physical therapist if you ask for extra help.

Set Realistic Goals

Telling yourself that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight in a specific time or reach a certain objective in a month can be good, but you have to be realistic about your goals. If you’ve never included regular exercise or a healthy diet into your lifestyle, it may take you some time to start seeing results. Don’t be overly ambitious when it comes to setting your fitness goals—there’s no need to rush. Being happy with making slow progress is better than feeling discouraged by not reaching an unobtainable goal.

Make It Enjoyable

Many people view getting into shape as a daunting and tedious experience, but the best way to do it is to make it enjoyable. When it comes to make dietary changes, look for some new recipes or ingredients to try. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of joining a gym or running on a treadmill, find other ways to get involved in physical activity. There are so many fun things to, such as horseback riding, ice skating, or judo. Look at what activities are available in your area and try them out to see which one you like best.

Ask for Support

Holding yourself accountable can difficult, so you may want to ask people for some extra support. Talk to a friend about exercising with you, join a class, hire a personal trainer, or start an online weight loss program. Find someone who will support you when you’re feeling demoralised and monitor your progress. You may find it easier to keep going when you have an exercise buddy to encourage you and celebrate your achievements with.

Be Consistent

The key to getting into shape is exercising regularly and sticking with your improved eating habits. You need to get quality sleep, drink enough water, and prioritise your health. If you’re struggling to exercise consistently and discipline yourself, then make your lifestyle changes a part of your regular routine. Add them to your schedule and prioritise them. If you feel the need to plan your meals in advance and add times to exercise to your calendar in order to be consistent, do it.

Adapt Your Exercise Routine

There may come a time when your progress slows or plateaus, or maybe you feel like you just need a change. Evaluate your exercise routine regularly and make changes when it stops working for you. If you feel like things are getting too easy or you’re struggling to get your heartrate up, add a new milestone or challenge for yourself. You should slowly increase the level of difficulty of your exercises as your fitness improves.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you miss a workout because a meeting ran late or eat takeout because you’re pressed for time, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just because you have an off day (or a few off days) doesn’t mean that you have to give up on getting into shape entirely. Consider it a rest day, a recovery period, or a treat to yourself. Remember that you can get back to your healthy eating routine with the next meal or find another way to exercise, even if that means taking the stairs, walking during your lunch break, or doing squats when dinner is in the oven.

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