World Competitions Wowed by 12 Year Old Pianist

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Young Nehir Ozzengin, form the Izmir province of Turkey, has been going from strength to strength in her mastery of piano for as long as she can remember. Starting at just 4 years old Ozzengin began showing real promise and a real gift for music. Now at 12 years old, Ozzengin receives the highest level of piano training through a scholarship she won five years ago. She has just earned four titles in international competitions and has just won second and third place in the International Academy Piano Competition.

Many other young piano scholars around the world are inspired by Ozzengin’s story as she continues to rise through the ranks of international piano competitions. As the world of pianists, piano retailers like Markson Pianos and even avid classical music fans continue to monitor the rapidly growing piano career of Ozzengin, her and her family feel incredibly encouraged by the support they have been receiving.

As Ozzengin practices at least three hours each day, her commitment to her blossoming career in piano continues to flourish and impress those throughout the world of music and pianos.  She is so committed in fact that she even prefers to have a piano with her when she goes on holiday.

All this dedication and commitment has resulted in Ozzengin coming in second at the International Cesar Frank Piano Competition out of 80 other participants. The competition that brought together young pianists from over 26 countries is a major achievement for any young musician, let alone one at the age of 12.

Ozzengin’s love for piano is obvious when she talk about her experience playing the instrument. “When I am on stage, I feel excited and proud. I feel motivated. After bowing to the the audience, I sit at the piano and then it is just me and the piano. Forgetting about the listeners and all other noises, I start my song.”

She also talked about her pride in being able to represent her beloved country of Turkey in the competitions. She said, “I am very happy to have represented my country successfully. It is my fourth prize, since the age of 9, I have received a prize every year. I want to be a pianist who gives concerts abroad and represents her country successfully in the future.”

Ozzengin’s parents are really proud of their music prodigy daughter and are always seen at all her events and competitions, happily supporting her. Her father Devrim Ozzengin said, “we first entered Nehir in the international competitions in Turkey. When she got an award in her first competition, our perspectives toward the piano and music became much more professional. When it is announced that your child has ranked high in an international platform among many pianists, you have a very proud moment. She gives special concerts for the people in our city and everybody applauds loudly. This is a great feeling. You feel rewarded for all your effort when they clap enthusiastically.”

As Ozzengin’s piano career goes from strength to strength the future is certainly looking very bright for this extremely talented, young musician.

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