5 Ways to Grow a Brand on Social Media

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Growing a brand online requires patience and dedication; the good news is that it’s never been easier, thanks to digital platforms and content marketing. If you want to grow your brand on social media but don’t know where to start, read on to learn more about digital marketing.

Update Accounts

If you want to get the most out of your social media strategy, then you need to treat all of your digital interactions as an ecosystem and maintain quality and relevance across platforms. Start by reducing the number of social media accounts you have and making them more focused.

When you have the accounts that suit your brand and target audience the best, it’s time to optimise them for the best results. Make sure that all of the information and data are correct, as it helps with brand visibility and improves SEO. You can also trim your content from the past.

Identify Expertise

It helps if you can focus on areas of expertise; not only does this engage your audience better, it starts to improve your reputation for that kind of content. Search engines respond to quality, so if you create excellent quality for your website and social media channels, you grow the brand.

Chances are you already have a good idea of your areas of expertise, but you can also look at previously posted content that has quality engagement and then replicate it. Keep an open mind when sourcing your target topics; an area of expertise should be based on engagement levels.

Social Media Apps

There’s a reason why some businesses hire social media managers; there are multiple channels to look after, and regular posting is required to ensure that you have the visibility and engagement you need to support your business goals. But this manager can be an app.

Social media apps, such as Buffer, Sprout, and Hootsuite, allow you to schedule posts and post content across platforms easily. Instead of logging into multiple websites regularly, you can spend ten minutes scheduling content for the day, week, or month effortlessly and reliably.

Offline Branding

An effective social media strategy is necessary for the best visibility and engagement online, but it becomes more effective and more powerful when you combine this social media strategy with some offline marketing. It helps when you have multiple avenues for your brand marketing.

If you want to promote your brand in the local area as well as online, take a look at JogPost. JogPost specializes in leaflet creation and distribution for brands. Contact them to create leaflets that link up with your online branding; they can also arrange distribution in the area.

Social Media Groups

Again, it’s important to create an eco-system when you are building a brand online. It can be challenging to achieve this on search engines unless you have a website hosted on a platform with a newsfeed like WordPress or Blogger, but it is much easier on social media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to connect with relevant groups.

Image Credits: Kristian Egelund

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