There are a long list of questions that we get asked on a daily basis via email, so we compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers which will hopefully answer any pressing questions you may want to ask, or at least give you an idea of who to contact.


Are you hiring?

We get a lot of e-mails from people who want to work for Previous Magazine. That’s understandable! Our standard process, however, is that we’ll put a position up on the site when we have a space we need to fill around here. The page will usually contain specific information about the application process, and how to get in contact with us. If you haven’t seen one of those pages on Previous Magazine, we’re probably not hiring right now, though it never hurts to ask!

Why did you delete my comment?

There are many reasons this might happen, but here are some of the most common reasons we delete comments. Spamming of any type, be it human or robot-generated, is always deleted. If you’re trying to sell something in comments, you’re a spammer. Trolling is also unacceptable — we recognize that a lot of you trolls don’t even realize that you’re trolls, but believe us — you are. We’ll delete your comments if we feel they’re disruptive or annoying. We also delete comments that are racist, sexist, overly obscene, or offensive in any way. We delete comments which are personal attacks — whether directed at an editor or another commenter. Finally, we reserve the right to delete any comment at our discretion (please see below).
If you create a history of trolling or other offensive behavior, we’ll just ban your account. That means that your username, email, and potentially IP address will be barred from our system, and you’ll no longer be able to comment.

Will you publish sponsored articles?

Yes, we will publish sponsored articles, email us to talk about your budget.