The Top Four Casual Games for Android0

The Top Four Casual Games for Android

Mobile gaming for Android users has significantly grown in popularity over the last decade, with more people relying on it as a form of entertainment. As such, Android devices offer a plethora of games to choose ...

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Stylish Gifts For Motorbike Lovers0

Stylish Gifts For Motorbike Lovers

Motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular on our roads and it’s easy to see why. Two wheels help you stand out from the crowd, and make a stylish statement about you as an individual. There’s a bike ...

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7 Little Known Facts About Your Favourite Marvel Superheroes0

7 Little Known Facts About Your Favourite Marvel Superheroes

Now that The Avengers: Age of Ultron has topped the US box office – with takings of a modest $187.7m (£124m) – and Marvel’s much loved characters are stealing the show everywhere, it might be time ...

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Sennheiser MX 375 In-Ear Headphones Review1

Sennheiser MX 375 In-Ear Headphones Review

I bought the Sennheiser MX 375 In-Ear Headphones in black because the earphones supplied with my Windows Phone were of pretty lacklustre quality, as is the case with most bundled accessories that come with cellphones these ...

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Food & Drink

Fun Things Created from Chocolate0

Fun Things Created from Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, many of us think about bars and boxes filled with our favourite tasty treat, but actually chocolate can delight us in a wide variety of forms – including art forms. Some of ...

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How to Achieve a Youthful Appearance through Diet0

How to Achieve a Youthful Appearance through Diet

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is very true. The more junk you eat, the less healthy your skin will be. The younger you are, the easier it is to get away with eating ...

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What Do You Need to Start a Career in Sound Production?0

What Do You Need to Start a Career in Sound Production?

What is audio engineering? Audio and sound engineering technicians set up and operate the equipment that is used in music, television broadcasts and other recordings. During a recording or live performance, audio engineering technicians ensure that the quality and sound of the audio production is good.

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The Black Soft - The Slow Burn Review1

The Black Soft – The Slow Burn Review

The Black Soft are an electro/pop/goth/indie duo based in New York, their intelligent and innovative sound can be described as nothing other than the beginning of a new musical movement; the neoclassical orchestral sounds submerged deep within an ocean of sharp pounding electro beats brings a

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Wheatus - The Valentine LP Review0

Wheatus – The Valentine LP Review

Despite the name, The Valentine LP was actually released on August 2nd by Wheatus, The Valentine LP has been a while coming, two years and seven months in fact, Wheatus has released two EPs over the last five years in a series called Pop, Songs &

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Late Cambrian - Peach Review0

Late Cambrian – Peach Review

The followup to Social Season from Late Cambrian is one that I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a long while, I’ve been finally able to find a spare few hours to sit down, listen and write about Peach. If you love uplifting rock and haven’t heard of Late

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S.E.F. - M-O-E Remixed and Exclusive Free Track Download0

S.E.F. – M-O-E Remixed and Exclusive Free Track Download

M-O-E Remixed was released just a few hours ago, as you can probably guess, this features remixes of a track called “M-O-E” from S.E.F.’s Autonomy EP, which was released on Switched On Records last November. It’s no secret that I’ve been working on mastering one huge amount

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Lost & Found - Dedication EP Review1

Lost & Found – Dedication EP Review

The UK house scene really is quite a mixed bag, as are the majority of the Beatport charts for EDM in general, there’s some absolute gems out there, but there is also some absolute soulless nonsense too. Lost & Found is no stranger to the UK

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