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It has never been a secret that some of the most impressive food comes from France, but for some reason our friends over the English Channel aren’t quite as well-known for what they use to make this foodartisanal tools and fantastic ingredients. Today I’m talking about their tools, or more specifically their knives.

Evercut are a French company whose knives have garnered quite the reputation, and that reputation is well-earned, they are wonderfully effective at cutting through ingredients. For those of us who don’t understand French, the word “Furtif” translates as “stealth”, coincidentally the sharp design of the geometric handle reminds me of a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. The Furtif knife range doesn’t just cut through butter like Justin Bieber’s music cuts through the souls of adults, it cuts through a whole variety of ingredients with ease, such as bones and especially tough meats like biltong.

If you’re preparing meals from scratch on a regular basis then you need a nice knife; one that is sharp, maintains its edge; when preparing a meal, there is nothing worse than having blunt knives, it’s a real time-sink, frustrating and above all, actually very dangerous.

Evercut Furtif Chef's Knife in Wooden Box

The Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife is presented in a black box with a window that is secured with a magnet, the presentation of the knife is slick, which makes it a great idea for a gift to those who are honing their skills in the kitchen, but it also makes a great addition to your own preparatory arsenal.

One of the most striking things about the Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife is that both the handle and blade are black, it has an unusual yet professional appearance that would be very impressive to carve a piece of meat within a restaurant or in front of your guests at home, a definite conversation starter. The unusual jet black appearance of the Evercut Furtif is down to a process of laser-bonding titanium carbide to steel. The blade itself has a silver edge, the blade is also adorned with a silver ‘TB’ signifying Tarrerias Bonjean.

The Sharpness of the Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife

Evercut Furtif Chef's Knife Side Profile

My standard procedure for testing knife sharpness – and weighting – involves holding the knife at the very end of the handle, placing the blade on a breast of chicken, and pulling for five inches. This knife has gotten further in this test than ever before, and when you are using it properly and not doing some ‘test’ it’s seriously impressive.

As I’m sure all parents are aware from various blogs about domestic safety, this is a professional tool and needs to be treated with a great amount of care and respect, this isn’t something you want to leave lying around on the kitchen counter or in the washing up bowl, it needs to live in a knife block when not in use or in the presentation box that it ships in, but all the chefs reading this will already be well aware of that.

Longevity of the Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife

In the past few months I have been preparing plenty of meals with the Furtif and it’s still as sharp as it was when it was purchased, I can’t see the Furtif needing to be sharpened at any time in the immediate future, always the sign of a good knife.

The Evercut Furtif has a full tang blade, which makes it a substantially strong knife. The TB Groupe claim that the steel with laser-bonded titanium carbide will last three-hundred times longer than standard steel and five times longer than ceramic, apparently the average user should only need to sharpen the Evercut Furtif once every twenty-five years! Even after cutting through plenty of bones, the Evercut Furtif cuts as well as it did when it was new.

As the Evercut Furtif is laser-bonded titanium carbide, for the purposes of testing I’ve put it through the dishwasher several times, there aren’t any problems with the coating flaking off in the dishwasher, but as with any quality knife, I would recommend washing it by hand.

Weighting & Hold of the Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife

Evercut Furtif Chef's Knife Handle

With a grip as complex and geometrically sublime as the Furtif’s, one may assume that it would be uncomfortable, but surprisingly the reality is different. The handle feels fantastic in your hand thanks to the matte plastic, even for the long jobs and the weighting is good enough for it to feel like an extension to your own hand, so if you enjoy feeling like the culinary equivalent of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands then this isn’t a knife to miss out on, especially with the brilliant balance between the blade and tang.

Is the Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife worth buying?

Evercut manufacture several different sizes of Furtif knives, all for different purposes, whilst I can’t vouch for the quality or usability of the others, I can certainly say that 19cm Furtif Chef’s Knife has become an indispensable go-to knife for preparing meals in my kitchen.

You get them all in one convenient, French package. The knife retails for around $160, that’s quite a substantial investment for just one knife, but if it is a tool that you will be using in your kitchen for many years to come, be that in your restaurant or at home, this isn’t a knife to deprive yourself of. Additionally, Evercut design and manufacture their products in France, anything that bolsters the Western economy is worth supporting in my books. You can read more about the Evercut Furtif Chef’s Knife on the TB Groupe website.

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