The 10 Best Things About a Cocos Keeling Island Tour

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As one of Australia’s last remaining unspoilt paradises where you can experience the best diving, snorkeling, fishing and kitesurfing, the Cocos Keeling Islands are a group of coral islands forming two atolls. The islands are located 2750km northwest of Perth, and 900km from Christmas Island.

Booking a Cocos Keeling Islands tour is the perfect opportunity to experience these activities and much more. So, what can you enjoy on a Cocos Keeling Islands tour?

What is there to do on Cocos Keeling Islands?

  1. Kitesurfing

For small crowds and perfect conditions, the Cocos Keeling Islands provide the perfect spot for kitesurfing, as well as windsurfing. For beginners it’s an ideal location with warm, waist-deep crystal-clear water, offering a safe and comfortable environment to learn. But even those who are experienced kite surfers will benefit from the flat and spacious conditions.

  1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling on the Cocos Keeling Islands is a must for all ages. The island has plenty of spots for all levels and offers clear, protected and shallow waters perfect for snorkeling. With the warm tropical waters of the lagoon, the Cocos Islands offers one of the most enjoyable spots for snorkeling.

  1. Fishing

There are few places in the world that have the perfect conditions for bonefish fly-fishing. October to February is the best time for bonefishing. However, the spectacular waters of the Cocos Keeling Islands offer a diverse range of fish species both inside and outside of the lagoon.

  1. Birdwatching

The avid birdwatcher will be in their element on the Cocos Keeling Islands. With 39 resident bird species and many migratory birds to see, this offers birdwatchers an unforgettable experience. The Cocos Islands were the first location where the chestnut-winged cuckoo was seen.

  1. Golf

Both beginner and experienced golfers will enjoy the local golf course on the Cocos Keeling Islands. This is not like any ordinary golf course, as it plays directly across an international runway. Golfers enjoy watching planes taking off and landing as they hit balls across this nine-hole course.

  1. Surfing

While the lagoon side of the islands is the spot for kitesurfing, the ocean side offers the ideal location for surfers. With a small population, the surf is rarely crowded. The Cocos Islands have two spots that cater for different surfing levels. “The Spot” is an area for beginners and offers a shallow child-friendly area. “The Shack” however, is an area more for intermediate and experienced surfers.

  1. Eat

There are many places to enjoy the local food on the Cocos Keeling Island. You can enjoy cafes with ocean views or stone-fired island pizza at night. You will also find many restaurants that specialise in authentic Cocos Malay cuisine with an excellent selection of local fresh seafood.

  1. Relax on the Beach

The Cocos Keeling Islands is all about beach-based activities. The turquoise water is crystal-clear and the sand is pure white. The heavenly beaches on the island are the perfect spot to swim in the warm water or relax on the quiet beach.

  1. Canoe Safari

A motorised canoe safari is a unique and exciting way to see the islands. You will be immersed in the island’s history while you make your way through the pristine lagoon. Enjoy complimentary drinks and nibbles while you soak up the spectacular scenery.

  1. Big Barge Art Centre

This is an art centre with a difference. Located in an old restored barge, the Big Barge Art Centre features local artwork made from jetsam and flotsam washed up by the currents. The restored barge was once a ferry that connected the West and Home islands, however, it now houses and sells a diverse collection of paintings, textiles, carvings, photos and jewellery.

When Should I Go to Cocos Island?

The Cocos Keeling Islands has a tropical climate. The hotter period is during December to March with temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius. The cooler period between June and October has maximum temperatures of around 28 degrees. Regardless of the season, you can expect temperate weather.

The islands experience about 2000mm of rain annually, however, with warm temperatures this isn’t always a bad thing. Although there is rain all year round, you can expect more rain between March and July.

Where Can You Stay on Cocos Island?

There’s a wide variety of accommodation on the Cocos Keeling Islands to suit everyone such as villas, cottages, apartments and bungalows. There are a range of Cocos Keeling Islands tour packages that all offer luxury accommodation as well as many of the exciting activities above.

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