10 Games You Can Enjoy Regardless Your Age

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Certain games can be played whether you are young or old and therefore help people stay perpetually young at heart. The following ten games can be enjoyed, regardless of whether you’re eight years old or eighty years of age.

# 1 – Indoor Bowling

You can either buy an indoor bowling set or reuse water bottles. Line six to ten pins or bottles up at the end of a hallway. Place a line of duct tape for the starting line. Then, grab a medium-sized indoor ball and bowl! If you want to make the game more challenging, simply fill up the bottles with water. Just remember to screw the tops tightly.

#2 – Indoor Basketball

Get a bucket and light ball or rolled up sock, or buy an indoor basketball hoop and a light sponge-type ball. Each player takes turns throwing the sock-ball or light ball into the bucket or hoop. If a player scores a point, they take a step back. They throw the ball until they miss. The player who shoots the ball into the bucket or hoop from the farthest point wins the game.

#3 – Darts

You can obtain a dart board that uses darts that are safe for kids to use. The darts do not have metal, needle-like points. They are magnetic instead. You can spend hours at a time playing darts indoors, especially on rainy days.

The standard dart game uses a board that can be obtained from any darts online store, if you buy the board on its own, take a look for darts for sale. The board is hung so the bulls eye is eye-level for a man of six feet. The oche in the game is the line that a throwing player stands behind. The line is usually 7 feet 9 inches away from the board’s face.

While everyone throws a dart differently, players are supposed to hold the dart between the thumb and forefinger. To aim the dart, players hold it at eye level. The dart should be thrown using a smooth action. Each player is given three darts to throw at each visit to the oche.

Each dart board is numbered from 1 to 20 in non-sequential order around the dart board. The order has remained unchanged since the game’s invention. The center of the dart board or bulls eye is divided into two parts, A green outer ring or outer bull, which, when hit, scores 25 points. A red inner circle, known as the inner bull. scores a player 50 points when it is hit.

#4 – Table Tennis

Table tennis is another game that is fun and satisfying for all groups of people. Whether you are young or old, this fast-paced game enables you to get exercise and develop and maintain excellent hand-and-eye coordination.

A match is generally played best 3 out of 5 games. For each game, the first player that reaches eleven points is declared the winner. However, each game must be won by a margin of two points. A point is therefore scored after each ball is put into play. While the edges of the Table Tennis table are part of the legitimate surface, the rules does not apply to the sides.

Each player in the game serves two points in a row before switching as the server. However, for a score of 10-10, the server serves only one point before a switch is made. After each game, the players switch sides. In the final game, the players switch sides after each player scores 5 points.

For a service to be legit, the ball must rest on an open-handed palm. It must then be tossed up at least six inches before it is hit. The ball initially bounces on the service side and then the side of the opponent. Each paddle should feature a red and black side, and the ball should be either white or orange.

#5 – Hot Potato

This game is fun to play when children and adults gather at picnics and get-togethers. Paticipants sit on the ground or floor in a circle, then pass around a “potato” (soft ball or bean bag) as fast as they can. Music is played to signal the players when to begin. When the music stops, the player left holding the “potato” has to leave the circle. The play continues until only one player remains.

#6 – Chess

Kids as young as six years of age can play chess. However, the game is one that will keep you intrigued, if not entertained, all of your life. While you can learn the basics when you are young, you will continue to discover the subtleties of the game as you mature.

#7 – A Treasure Hunt

Both kids and adults like finding hidden treasures, especially if they get a prize at the end. You can also design a treasure hunt, so the players can pick up coins – a nice way to add to or begin a coin collection. Place the clues on pieces of scrap paper and gradually increase the difficulty of seeking the treasures or coins.

#8 – Monopoly

This real estate trading game is a board game that continues to be popular with both adults and children. If you want to break away from online gaming, then this is the board game to choose.

#9 – Simon Says

This game is best played when you have a group of people at your house. To begin, select one player to be Simon. The remaining players will either gather in a line or circle in front of Simon as he or she calls out the actions. He starts with the phrase “Simon says.” For instance, “Simon says . . . touch your toes.” Each player copies Simon’s directions. If Simon calls out a certain action without saying “Simon says,” no one is supposed to do the action. If they do, then they are out of the game. The activity continues until one player remains. When the game is finished, one of the remaining players becomes the next Simon.

#10 – Card Games

Whether you are young or old, you can enjoy one of a variety of card games. Whether the game is hearts, rummy, or crazy eights, everyone can participate.


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