3 Best Useful Apps That You Can Download to Your Smartphone

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Nowadays, our smartphone is like an extension or part of our body that we can’t just leave, and we carry it anywhere we go. People are more attached to it more than ever because of the features that it can offer us, such as communication, entertainment, and more things. Well, we can’t blame individuals because this device can connect us to other individuals around the globe, and it can help us in a lot of ways. When used together with the best time management apps available, you can easily become super productive in any task you want to accomplish.

With today’s technology, for us to achieve what we need to do, there a different kind of apps in the app market that we can use.  These are the apps for messaging, gaming, socials networking, organizing, and many more. There are different kinds of apps that are being released each day, some require payment, but most are free to download. It will always depend on us how we utilize those apps and how we use them. With that, here are some of the best useful apps that you might want to download to your smartphone.


If you ever want to upload a photo that is made by many pictures, then this is the right app for you. If you are that individual who wants to add a professional look to your social media profile, but you don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to graphic designing, then Canva is the app that you’re looking for.

While this app’s primary purpose is for photo-editing, you can also use it to make a photo collage. And even if it has a lot of features for photo-editing, Canva is still pretty easy to use. You can also select from the image template options and size, from a Facebook cover photo size to an iPhone’s photo wallpaper size.

In creating a photo collage, select the option for “Photo Collage” on the app, and then choose your template. After that, upload and organize the photos that you like. You can also insert texts and other graphic elements to your photo collage through picking from different options that this app offers.

You can download Canva for free on your Android and iOS device. However, if you want additional features, you can upgrade to a premium account. You can also access the free web version using your laptop or computer. And you can also check this out if you want more free collage maker apps.

Google Keep

It is an organizer app that you can download for free on your iOS or Android device. Google Keep has always been in the market for a long time, but it is a fantastic tool app if you want something where you can easily create and save notes and lists, and access them through different devices.

And for its core, Google Keep is simply a notepad app that you can connect to your Google Drive, where you can save voice notes, photos and videos, text notes, files, checklists, and a lot more that syncs to different devices, and also the cloud.


Tumblr is the result when you combine blogging and social networking. You can post videos, photos, texts, and more media content to your blog page, which can be viewed and followed by other users.

The site also supports the editing of HTML, and if you have enough knowledge, you’re able to customize the layout and interface of your blog page. You can also even use a custom domain name.


These apps can make our lives easier. There are more apps in the app market, and new apps are being introduced each day. With a lot of options, choose an app that can help you accomplish a specific task or help you with your daily objectives.

Image Credits: Gilles Lambert

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