3 Reasons Why Working from Home Is Better Than Office Jobs

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Working from home is better than working in an office, though it has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. To work from home, you need to have a distinct set of skills in terms of staying focused on work, self-management and being able to work under less supervision. The number of people working from home is increasing by the day due to advanced technology. They have changed most companies because they look for people who can work from the comfort of their homes. In the beginning, computers were costly and could be afforded by just a few, but this has changed because almost anyone has an access to a computer and internet making it easy to work from anywhere.

3 reasons why working from home is better than office jobs:

  1. You can plan your time with the many available software apps on the web. Plan your own timing and work according to your time. The Google calendar will help you prioritize your work and your time. At home, you have control over your schedule compared to working in an office where there is a set schedule to be followed.
  2. It is more productive to work from home. Since you do not need to commute or do major preparations to report to work you save more time and concentrate on work. You juggle in between work and family without with more time. You can work from any space you are comfortable within the home.
  3. You enjoy the freedom of using your own gadgets and upgrading to more efficient devices. Working in an office you are limited to an office computer that is accessible to more than one person in the office and you cannot store private files and documents on them. Sometimes work take longer to accomplish in the workplaces due to the use of outdated software and devices. When you work at home efficiency is everything and you have a chance to change your devices for more efficient software and computers.

Due to the numerous web-fueled technologies, it is easy to work away from the office. The four main components that make working from home successful are access to a computer or a laptop, reliable and fast internet, remote access to corporate resources, access to the company email.

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