3 Technologies That Invite Adventure Into Your Life

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Technology can be used for all sorts of things. You’re no doubt using some form of technological device to read this post, to manage and time your day, certainly to budget your finances, and of course, to aid with our general health and wellbeing.

But while it’s sometimes important to add noble intentions and overarching goals to our use of technology (as we can see with many AI developers trying to figure out the extent of their possible societal impact), it’s fine to have fun with it too.

Deeply enjoyable recreation can be good for the spirit, and so sometimes you can use devices that enable you to invite adventure into your life. No matter if you hope to start a new hobby, meet new people, or develop your creative interests, then you might consider some of the following experiences and devices:

Metal Detectors

One of the harshest realities of adulthood is that many of your childhood fantasies fall away in time. Most people don’t become astronauts, not everyone discovers lost cities, and unfortunately, the days of being a romantic stereotypical pirate are far from over, and it wasn’t so pleasant to live this life anyway.

But what if you still have the urge to find buried treasure? Well, with metal detectors for sale you may still find something worthwhile. From old coins to yes, actual buried treasure to time capsules, you may be surprised exactly what it is you’ll find. Metal detectors are more than just a gimmick, you may find small pieces of historical worth, or simply have fun exploring your local environment while searching.

VR Kits

Thankfully, the laws of material reality aren’t so common in the gaming space, and so giving yourself the room to enjoy VR can be great. There are many models out, from the Valve Index to the HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR headset and the upcoming Oculus Rift 3, you’d be amazed at the renditions of digital worlds that can feel fantastic to engage with right in front of you. VR kits also allow you to practice your creativity, from drawing in 3D space to working through escape-room style puzzles. Get a headset on sale, and have fun with your gaming time!

Smart Bikes

Cycling has been around for some time, and odds are, you’re quite familiar with how to ride a bike. Smart bikes can be a fantastic new experience for many, however, as the powered wheels can help you cycle for longer and even uphill with relative ease, while the workout plans can also help you gamify your exercise each day or find better routes. Smart bikes will also allow for app connectivity allowing you to see your full ride data, will integrate with your smartphone, and will also have security features like disabling if the right righter ownership cannot be verified. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your cycling approach, you’re sure to have a great time.

With this advice, you’re certain to invite adventure into your life with some truly spectacular technological devices.

Image Credits: Bradley Hook

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