3 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Smoother and Sleeker

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If you live in a humid climate or have natural textured hair, you know how challenging it can be to get a smooth, sleek look with your hair. But thanks to great hairdressers and modern hair products, there’s so many things you can now try to get the exact style of hair that you’ve always wanted.

To help you get started and see what steps you can take to get you to this place, here are three ways to make your hair look smoother and sleeker.

Use The Right Towel After Washing

Smooth, sleek hair starts way before you begin with your traditional styling routine. In fact, to give your hair the best chance of getting as smooth as can be, you’ve got to start thinking about it as soon as you get out of the shower.

According to Elena Hart, a contributor to Bustle.com, traditional towels can cause a lot of damage to your hair, which can leave you with even more frizz to have to deal with. So rather than drying your hair with the same towels that you use to dry your body, you should consider getting microfiber towels meant specifically for drying your hair.

When you use a product like a microfiber towel, you’ll be able to absorb all the excess water out of your hair without causing any undue stress that could leave your hair looking thirsty and damaged.

Consider A Brazilian Blowout

If you’re ready to bring out the big guns when it comes to stopping your frizz and fluff, one option you might want to consider is booking a Brazillian blowout with a salon.

Marianne Mychaskiw, a contributor to InStyle.com, shares that Brazillian blowouts can work for any person with any type or texture of hair. After just about an hour or so in the salon chair, you can have hair that’s straighter, shinier, and less frizzy than you ever could have managed to accomplish on your own. With the right aftercare, a Brazilian blowout can last for at least three or four months, which means you could consistently have smoother, sleeker hair.

The Best Products For Fighting Frizz

For those who aren’t ready for this type of investment into their hair, there are still plenty of other hair care products available to help you fight frizz and get the smooth hair you want.

According to Phillip Picardi, a contributor to TeenVogue.com, the best way to make sure your hair is as sleek as can be after using a flat iron is to finish off your look with a light-hold hairspray. For best results, avoid anything that has silicones or oils in it, and only apply the hairspray after your hair has had a chance to cool off.

If you’re wanting to have smoother, sleeker hair, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get just that.

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