4 Getaways to Ease Stress this Fall

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After another hectic summer with the kids out of school, the arrival of autumn brings a wonderful opportunity to take it easy and get some much-needed relaxation. Whether you had home improvements or repair work done or simply spent all summer working as many hours as you ever have, it’s time to treat yourself. Here are four ideas on how to make this a fall to remember:

New England Bed and Breakfast

The northeastern states are some of the most beautiful in the country during this time of the year. The autumn colors are vibrant as the leaves turn and the air is crisp but still a very comfortable temperature. There are a number of choices in several different states but there are all in fairly close proximity. You could stay at a place in Maine that offered lobster dinners and rooms with Jacuzzis, or a cozy little cottage in Vermont where you build fires and enjoy homemade maple syrup on your pancakes in the morning.

Soap Lake Natural Spa

Another fantastic option is a luxurious day spa, specifically Soap Lake in Washington State. There are regular day spas in your city where you can go and get a host of treatments and have wonderful results and feel great afterward. And then there are the Soap Lake healing waters. This is much more than a spa; it is a community.

Besides having numerous rooms with various amenities, the locale also offers packages, group deals, and other specials. In addition to providing all of the services and treatments that you should expect from any genuine luxury spa, you also have Lakeside Bistro. This fantastically diverse and ultra-modern dining experience embodies the spirit of the legendary and iconic Don’s Restaurant. Preserving some of their best dishes, as well as the overall atmosphere of the beloved dining establishment, it’s a great place to spend an evening.

Wine Tastings in California

Of course, this has been a staple of many people’s travel itinerary for years, but there are still plenty more folks who have never done it. If you are one of those people who think that you might enjoy trying a wine tour and expanding your knowledge a bit, then you should make an appointment or research tours!  A tour through Napa Valley or a day (or weekend) trip to a local vineyard can be more relaxing that you would believe.

Camping or Ranching

Something else that the weather is just right for this time of year would be a little outdoor or semi-outdoor recreation. When most people think of camping, they see themselves out in a pop-up tent laying on the ground in the freezing weather. But we’re talking about campsites where you sleep in log cabins or some kind of multi-room lodge.

A lot of ranches offer this kind of opportunity as well. Many times, they will have a separate lodging area for guests and families. You can have all of your meals fresh and homemade, and oftentimes your children get to see and pet a few animals up close.

Take some time to yourself and focus on letting go of stress this fall. Any of the above would be a great way to spend your downtime.

Image Credits: Hans Vivek

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