4 Reasons To Buy A Dog Backed By Science Nerds

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Let’s start this post by admitting one thing – we want a pet. Every time your eyes fall on a puppy, it’s impossible for your heart not to skip a beat. In fact, if it doesn’t, then you should see a doctor. Needing one, however, is a different kettle of fish. A pet is an indulgence, something you do because it makes you feel good. Still, it wouldn’t change your life if it never existed in the first place. It’s harsh but true. Thankfully, the science nerds have been working hard and found that there are legitimate reasons to buy a pooch. Here’s what you need to know.

They’re Heart Warmers

Yes, cuddling up next to a furry friend is a joy that only animal-lovers can understand. But, this isn’t the heartwarming that is in question here. Dogs can get the blood pumping a lot quicker in your love organ. Why? It’s because they need to exercise, and they can’t do it alone. Therefore, the owner (you) must work out on a daily basis. The benefits for the heart are endless, for example, maintaining a steady weight. Or, it can keep blood pressure down as well as cholesterol.

They’re Shrinks

Okay, the family canine isn’t going to lie you down on the couch and ask questions such as “how does that make you feel?” If this does happen, call the Ghostbusters because reality has been turned on its head and there is worse to come! No, in this case, having the pooch around is enough to help with your physical and mental health. Check out https://www.certapet.com/emotional-support-dog-information/ for more on emotional support dogs. The gist is that a pet can help with feelings ranging from homesickness to recovering from chemotherapy. As far as psychology goes, it is pretty impressive.

They’re Early Warning Alarms

Anyone with pets knows that dogs bound into the room at the crack of dawn and seek attention. Apart from being needy, they have various other canine-features, their sense of smell for example. This may not seem important, but research suggests that they can use their noses to sniff out diseases. Cancer is a big one, and https://www.theguardian.com/ has an example of a real-life story. It is true that they need training, but if you can speak their language, your dog may be a lifesaver. Considering cancer is hard to catch early without screening, owning a pooch may be the answer.

They’re Addiction Breakers

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have a habit that they don’t want to stop. Let’s take a popular one: smoking. As a smoker, you don’t care about the impacts on your body. If you did, that alone would be enough motivation to quit. However, this changes when other people are in harm’s way. A study on http://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/18/2/156.abstract?etoc found that having a dog encouraged people to kick the habit. Over a quarter of participants said the effects of second-hand smoke on their pet would be cause for concern.

Did you ever think science would give you a perfect excuse to buy a dog?

Image Credits: James Frid

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