4 Steps to Body Confidence

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Body confidence is a movement that is, quite rightly gaining more and more traction of late. With the power of social media behind it, there are more and more people willing to accept who they are and love their bodies. This can only be a good thing when it comes to the mental health issues associated with how you look and feel about yourself.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and be allowed the right to live their lives without feeling the need to change to fit someone else’s, or society’s perception of what you should look like. Despite there being some stigmatism around plus size figures, having a healthy attitude towards how you look, regardless of body shape and size, can only be beneficial to each and every one of us. After all, each person is different and is meant to be different.

If you would like to like to boost your self-esteem and become body confident too, then check out these tips which can help you on your journey.

Wear What Makes You Happy

If you feel comfortable and you love it, then why shouldn’t you wear it? If the only reason for not buying something is because someone else said so, then buy it anyway! Throw the ‘rule’ book out the window and express yourself how you want to. Never deny that feeling you get when you see yourself in something and love how you look.

Take that confidence and wear the outfit, the only wrong choice when it comes to fashion is not buying what you love and what makes you feel good.

This also goes for makeup, hairstyles and anything else people tell you you shouldn’t do for whatever reason. Go get a makeover or that nipple piercing if that is what will make you happy. And do it for you no one else.

Banish Negativity

One of the main reasons we don’t do things, don’t like things or reject positive ways of thinking is because we listen to other people. So if people are not on board with you being body confident, or even confident at all then maybe you should rethink who you choose to have in your life!

Get on board with surrounding yourself with like-minded people and those who will support you in your journey to loving who you are. Because it will be a journey and having people in your corner will help make it a little bit easier.

Change How You Think About You

If you aren’t willing to change how you feel about yourself, then you will have a problem with loving your body and having others accept you as you are. It is ok to want to change things but only if you are changing them for the right reasons. Not because you think society won’t accept you as you are.

So stop. Think about how YOU think about yourself and ask yourself; Why do you think this way? If those changes are to make other people happy and not yourself then they too need to go, just like any negative outside energy. This isn’t likely to be an easy feat, far from it. But slowly you will get there. step by step and begin to love you and your body just the way it is.

Step Away From Social Media!

Or rather, step away from the images of celebrities and other people present on social media. People show you what they want you to see. A lot of the time, it only shows you the best bits. an edited highlights reel. That isn’t real life and no one looks like they portray 24/7. So don’t compare yourself to other peoples best days, especially if you are having a bad day. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Remember celebrities have teams of people to help them look immaculate for their posts, for most people this reality is unattainable and you should never try to achieve this for the wrong reasons or put yourself down because of the image of perfection they let you see.

Follow people who have the same mindset as you and are online to help and support others reach their goals for that added boost. Find a like-minded community online who can support you when you need it and boost you when you can’t yourself.

Body confidence is something most people have to work on day in, day out. It is a marathon, not a sprint but the end result is definitely worth it.


Image Credits: NIX PHOTO

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