4 Things You Never Knew You Needed In Your Office

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Companies are always looking for ways to improve their offices. And most of them do a pretty good job of it. They add big windows for plenty of natural light, water coolers, and office cleaning services. Workers, on the whole, feel happy.

But some companies are taking things even further. They’re not happy with the conventional office setup so they’re going to the extreme, looking for ways to make the office even better.

In this post, we take a look at some of the things you never knew you needed in your office (but that really can make all the difference in how you feel).

Feng Shui Waterfall

While the idea of having an indoor waterfall might sound preposterous, it’s actually a reality in many upscale offices in the middle of big cities. Owners want to create feng shui spaces that make occupants feel all warm and cozy inside.

Installing indoor waterfalls is actually much easier than you might think. And it’s not just about the visuals. The biggest benefit they bring is the noise they make. Workers love listening to the sound of running water as they toil away. It helps to create a sense of relaxation and makes the office feel much more natural than the city surrounding it.

Ball Pool

Adding a ball pool to an office might sound a little weird. After all, it’s the sort of thing you find in the kids’ section of Burger King. But it’s something millennial workers need.

Ball pools are usually pretty cheap to install. When workers jump in them, it provides a cozy sensory experience, reminding them of the womb. After spending some time in the balls, they’re ready to head back out and deal with the challenges of the real world.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are becoming more popular on the outside of buildings, particularly in urban areas. Adding greenery helps to make the entire space feel so much more natural.

However, you can also add a vertical garden to your indoor spaces, too.

Most office designers know that adding greenery to offices improves productivity, cleans the air, and adds to worker wellbeing. But they usually do this with a token pot plant here or there. And these inevitably die.

But vertical gardens are much better maintained and can survive indefinitely. You can also use them to grow herbs you use in food in your canteen, which is a nice bonus and helps to keep costs down.

Music Studio

While air hockey tables and ball pools might be millennial office staples, music studios aren’t. And that’s a problem. Some people in your office are only having fun when they are being creative.

Practically no office in existence offers a music studio, so if you add one to yours, you can make yourself stand out compared to other employers.

You can also give your employees something really special that they won’t have seen before. Nobody has worked in a place with a recording studio, microphones and all the necessary software. It’s a great place for employees to spend time.

Image Credits: Nastuh Abootalebi

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