4 Tips for Becoming a Corporate Driver

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Corporate drivers work to deliver equipment, materials, and even staff to companies around the world. They’re an essential part of most businesses and in high demand. Becoming a corporate driver has lots of advantages and often a higher salary than other types of drivers. If this sounds appealing, here are some tips to help you break into the industry.

Be the Best Driver

It might sound obvious, but corporate drivers need to be the best in class. Businesses can’t afford to lose time or money due to accidents, and most will only hire drivers with a spotless history. Having experience driving cabs or freight isn’t usually enough. If you want to secure some of the best driving jobs, it’s worth considering corporate driver training. A training program won’t just teach you how to be a better driver. It will help you with timekeeping, how to avoid accidents and how to keep your car in the best condition. Having a training program on your CV makes you well placed to apply for the best jobs in the industry.

Choose How You’ll Operate

Corporate drivers have several choices that determine how they’ll work. You can operate in a fully freelance capacity, taking jobs from different companies on an ad hoc basis. The main benefit of this approach is career freedom. You can choose when and how you’ll work, as well as the types of job that you take on. Other drivers are attached to a specific business and work solely for them. This, of course, offers better job security and usually means that you’ll never be short of work. The distances that you’re willing to travel are also an important consideration. Some drivers operate strictly in the local area; others are more expansive. Corporate drivers might work cross-country or even across continents, spending lots of nights away from home.

Learn about Vehicle Upkeep

Corporate drivers don’t need to be mechanics, of course, but it is useful to have some grounding in how to care for your vehicle. The car is, after all, your primary source of income, and problems can develop. Being able to do the basics like changing tires and checking oil/fluid levels is important, but a grounding in engine maintenance can do you all kinds of favours in the event of a problem. Most corporate drivers work to a tight schedule where even a minor breakdown can have major repercussions. Maintaining your vehicle to a high standard ensures that all of your deliveries arrive on time, keeping the company happy and making your life much easier.

Work on Your People Skills

This especially applies to freelance corporate drivers, but it’s widely applicable to anybody in the sector. Not only do corporate drivers need to listen to and sometimes follow complex instructions, but they also have to relay information promptly. You’ll also need to keep to strict timetables and manage yourself while on the road. Working on your people skills makes for a much smoother and successful career.

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