4 Ways to Relax

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If you can never relax you might become unwell and develop chronic stress. Chronic stress causes high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, and potentially even some forms of cancer. It can also affect your mental health in a negative way, causing depression and anxiety. It’s essential that we all take the time to relax when we can, and here are some good ways to get into the habit.


As strange as it may seem, exercise is a great way to relax – not every method of relaxation requires you to sit still or lie down. Getting active can really help you when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed because when you are exercising endorphins are released into your body. These chemicals actually make you feel happier, boosting your mood and keeping you calm. After a good session of exercise, which could be anything from running to working out in the gym, to swimming, or even sex, your mind will be clearer too, and any problems that were worrying you are easier to find solutions for.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are ideal for those who really don’t have a lot of time when it comes to when they can relax. Simply stopping what you are doing and taking in slow, deep breaths, can be enough to calm you and make you feel better. Anxiety makes us breathe a lot more quickly, and that means that not as much (and sometimes not enough) oxygen is getting to our hearts, brains, and other organs. It’s no wonder that we feel so tense, and sometimes even become giddy and sick.

Deep breathing is a great start, and if you have more time you can extend this idea by trying meditation, yoga, or even joining a Pilates class.

Listen to Music

When you’re feeling down or stressed, you may automatically turn to your favorite music to soothe you. This is a natural reaction, and many people find that when they are listening to music that they enjoy (it could be classical, it could be thrash metal, or it could be anything in between as long as you like it) they feel calmer and more able to cope with the challenges they are facing. You can listen to music in any way that you like – you can listen on your mobile device, through your radio, or even look for concert tickets for sale and go see a live show. It will all work in the same way, and the choice is yours.

Start A Hobby

Starting a new hobby, or even picking up an old one that you haven’t tried for a while, is another great way to relax. It will take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you, even if it is only temporary, and when you are finished you will feel a great sense of achievement and you’ll be a lot more relaxed about things.

Trying something new can work well for some people, but for those who suffer from anxiety it might be better to stick with something you know and enjoy and getting used to that before trying something else.

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