5 Creative Ways to Attract More People to Your Events

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All event organizers want to sell as many tickets as possible. They would do everything to sell out all the tickets for their events. However, more often, regular ticket selling promotions are not enough to attract as many crowds as possible. It means promoting the event through the usual methods, like setting up booths, may no longer work.

Nowadays, organizers need to be extra creative to boost up their ticket sales. For example, I make my social media influencer friends talk about one of my events in social media accounts. I find this the best. Besides this, the following are other creative ideas that may help promote your event.

Use Event Discovery Websites

More people browse through their mobile phones regularly. They often search for various information on this small gadget. Among things that they could find while browsing their mobile devices are online posts. These could lure them into attending a particular event. They can see these posts on websites like Eventful and Goldstar, or even in social media pages like Facebook Events. These are online calendars and event discovery service websites that provide a list of upcoming events within the person’s vicinity. Remembering this, the event managers should allocate a portion of their budget to get featured on these websites. It will help you get a wider market reach by targeting the subscribers of these websites.

Simplify Online Ticket Buying Methods

As soon as you manage to post your event on any discovery website, you may also get more people to buy tickets online through native checkout options. It will allow your target audience to pay for the tickets without leaving the event discovery site where they learned about your upcoming show, conference, or seminar. I find this the best. Due to this, the audience will have lesser chances of getting distracted by other websites as they pay for the ticket. The bounce rate will also diminish since they no longer have to deal with slow loading ticketing pages.

Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

If you only use your email marketing tools to announce the schedule of an upcoming event or to look for a performer for your next gig, it means you are not maximizing this strategy. To make sure that your email efforts are not going in vain, you must divide your email list into specific categories. For example, categorize people who had purchased tickets before and signed up but haven’t bought a ticket in separate lists. You may also segment the list by demographics to find your target audience for each event that you organize. Finally, come up with email campaigns that appeal to each category using targeted messages.

Employ A Brand Ambassador

Influencer marketing is fast becoming a trend due to the emergence of celebrities who made their name through social media sites. You can use them to your advantage by hiring one to become your paid brand ambassador. Look for someone with the broadest online influence. Leverage the channels like YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. You may pay them each time they create content linked to your event.

Let Your Audience Promote The Event

Encourage your event attendees to share snippets of your event by making it easy for them to share photos and videos through their social media accounts. You can create Snapchat geofilters that can be used over their pictures to disclose where they are posting from. Setting up Instagram photo booths is also another great idea. If you choose this, make sure you can provide easy access to your venue’s Wi-Fi connection so the audience can post at any time they like.

All these event marketing tricks can help boost your upcoming event and encourage more people to attend. It will also build up the hype for the event so everyone will get excited about what is in store during the big day. As long as you employ these, you can witness a jam-packed venue on the day of your event.

Image Credits: Jakob Dalbjörn

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