5 Hacks That Will Help You With Microsoft Excel Formulas

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It’s a myth that Microsoft Excel is only used in data-driven jobs. Many industries use Excel to organize all kinds of different information, not to mention all the personal uses for it.

Given how valuable Excel is, you should know how to use it. Microsoft Excel formulas make it quick and easy to populate, organize, calculate, and interpret information. Read below for a few tips on how to make the most out of formulas in Excel.

  1. Insert Parentheses

If you are getting an error in your Excel formula, double-check for parentheses. As you may remember from grade school math, parentheses are essential in the order of operations. In Excel, this tells the computer to read what is in the parentheses first.

For example, if you need the sum of two numbers to be multiplied by a single number, the formula might be = (1+2) * 3.

  1. Learn Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel Formulas

Want to save time and energy when creating your Excel formulas? The next part of your Microsoft Excel training is in shortcuts. These are specific keys or sequences of keys that save you time.

You can learn more about the Excel shortcuts here. In the meantime, check out a few of the most common shortcuts.

CTRL Left Mouse Click is used to select multiple cells at once. This is useful for organizing and analyzing large spreadsheets.

ALT + = will automatically sum the numbers in that column. To use this shortcut make sure you hold down the ALT key and then press the + and = signs.

CTRL-` is a simple shortcut to see the formulas in your sheet. If you are getting an unexpected outcome or want to change the formula, use this shortcut. To return the cell back to normal, use the same shortcut again

  1. Use Autocomplete

Excel already knows the most common uses for different formulas. You can save yourself time by using the autocomplete feature. When you start to enter a formula, you will see a dropdown of options you can use.

Usually, the autocomplete formulas are for more basic uses of Excel. If you’re interested in learning about more advanced uses, check out core Excel.

  1. Add Text Notes

When working on a project you can add text notes to your formulas in excel. This will be a reminder of what the formula means and what you were using it for. This is a great tool if your formula is complex or you want someone else to easily be able to understand it.

To do this, you can use the N function. You will then be able to name a formula or add notes.

  1. Learn From Insert Function Feature

The insert function button is located next to the formula bar. When you click on it you can choose from possible functions. It allows you to set up the function one step at a time. Once you have entered the necessary information, click okay. Your function will now be added to the sheet.

Become a Master of Excel

With just a bit more knowledge of Microsoft Excel formulas, you can do so much more with the program. You will save yourself time, energy, and frustration by using the tips above.

Start with a simple set of data and practice before you get into more advanced calculations. The more you practice, the easier it will become!

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Image Credits: Esa Riutta

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