5 Hot Summer Hairstyles

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When it comes to looking cool in the summer heat you need to think about your hair. Are you one of those girls who instantly looks like Monica from Friends, when they visit Barbados, as soon as there’s a little humidity? Here are five hot summer hairstyles to try out, as this hot weather continues to play out:


  1. Babes with braids

Casual braids and plaits are a hot look for summer hair this year, from a single plait incorporated into tousled, loose hair to messy pigtail plaits which feature plenty of loose hair at the front to achieve a laid back, nonchalant vibe when it comes to your style.


To adopt this style think back to those school days where you and your friends would braid each other’s hair. Make yours messy and have fun with them, using different coloured hair chalk for any festival you plan on attending.


  1. Flashback to the 90s

Want to channel the 90s with your hair, along with your choker necklace and dungarees? Then you should definitely consider some multiple top knots (also known as a bakery hairstyle). Not only do they look awesome they will also keep your hair out of your face and you cool. Here’s a great tutorial to try out.


  1. Crimp it up

Talking of the 90s, crimping is also making a comeback. Okay, maybe don’t go as wild as Xtina did in the Moulin Rouge video but a few strands of hair crimped and settled within your natural loose locks will look amazing this summer. Dig out your vintage crimpers from your Mum’s loft or pick up a cheap set from Superdrug and get crimping.


  1. Back comb your ponytail

The 70s is back with a bang (much like floral prints for spring, every year) so why not pair your crochet throw over from Blue Vanilla and your mule sandals from New Look, with a backcombed ponytail? Simply spritz some hair spray onto the crown of your head and then use a fine comb to brush the hair back on itself to create volume. Finally pull it all back into a loose, low ponytail, ensuring the backcombed section remains big.


  1. Chop it off

Finally, if you’re feeling pretty drastic, a short cut will not only relieve you of any awkward overheating moments (sweaty necks are not cool) but they look incredible too. Channel Jourdan Dunn and Jessica Alba with a chop that sits just above your shoulders and if you’re really looking for a summer vibe dabble in some light highlights or ombre, with a brighter colour on the ends.


Whatever you have planned this summer give some of these styles a go and stay cool (in both senses of the word) wherever you go!

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