5 Tips for Motivating Your Sales Team

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One of your best assets is a motivated and successful sales team. As their manager, it’s your job to keep them productive and continuously producing good work.

However, inspiring motivation isn’t always as easy as snapping your fingers. It takes the willingness to go the extra mile and figure out what makes them tick. In order to get the most out of your sales team, try these tips.

Invest In Seminars

Sometimes the best way to teach team morale is to invest in a program like a motivational speaker. Your team will learn about how to achieve their goals and maintain a positive attitude.

They’ll learn to establish trust and meet their sales targets by applying the skills they learn during the event. As a result, they’ll not only work better on their own but also collectively as a team!

Reward Accomplishments

There’s nothing more validating than being shown public appreciation through the form of a reward. Giving special recognition means that you’re not only telling your employees that you appreciate all they do, but you’re showing them as well.

You may want to consider tactics such as giving out awards, saying compliments verbally, and offering incentives.

Encourage Autonomy

In the world of sales, many people work best when left to their own devices. Remind employees that you trust them to do their work.  The more autonomous that they are, the higher their sales are likely to be.

Freedom encourages creativity in problem-solving. As a boss, you should trust them until they prove that they aren’t worthy of that trust. Until then, encourage their freedom!

Give Regular Breaks

Let your employees relax and have downtime once in a while. Encouraging them to reset their brains before tackling a new sale means more time to build up their selling power.

Tired employees who jump from sale to sale without having time to regroup are shown to make fewer sales than employees who take breaks regularly.

Create a Lighthearted Work Environment

Why not make work fun for everyone rather than a stale and serious place. Encourage employee interaction. Bring treats for everyone to enjoy together. By injecting a little fun into the office, you’ll encourage better teamwork.

You might even want to consider employee interaction outside of the workplace by hosting events where everyone can mingle, like company barbecues.

People who aren’t motivated won’t bring you much money. It shouldn’t be a no-brainer that happy employees enjoy their work and therefore produce better results.

If you manage to bring out greatness within your team and offer the tools they need to let their talents shine, not only will you be doing them a favor, but also yourself!

Image Credits: Christina Morillo

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