5 Tips to Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

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Everyone should have a hobby. Your career isn’t everything, and the activities we enjoy in our leisure time are what really give our lives meaning. They are what make you identifiably you, and allow you to make your own mark on the world.

If you have something you are passionate about, surely you want to spend as much time engaging with this activity as possible. But often your other commitments get in the way. Most notably, the responsibility of having to work for eight hours a day. But what if you could actually tun your hobby into a career? This way you could actually get paid to do the thing you love and be able to devote more of your time to improving your abilities.

Maybe you are a talented athlete, perhaps an ultramarathon runner or a footballer. Or maybe your hobby is something more creative like writing, photography, wood carving, or leather engraving. Whatever your niche may be, there are already people out there making a living by doing this exact thing, so what’s stopping you?

If you are committed to following your dreams and living your best life, here are five tips for turning your hobby into a successful career.

Keep improving

When you have a hobby, it doesn’t matter how good you are at it. All that matters is that it makes you happy. But if you are to turn it into a career, you need to be talented enough to rise above your competition and get noticed. You should be constantly striving to improve your skills. Keep practicing your chosen craft and learn new techniques. You may want to take a course, watch online tutorials, or seek advice from a mentor.

Make connections

In business, success is all about who you know. Building a solid network is essential for any budding entrepreneur. Make sure you get out there and meet new people in your industry. Attend networking events and business socials. Exchange business cards and follow up later. You never know when a new connection will turn out to be a lucrative business opportunity.

Start small

It could take time before your hobby earns you fame and fortune, so start small and work your way up. If your hobby is a creative one, try and sell your creations to local people, using Facebook groups or sites like Etsy. This will give you a sense of the demand for your products, as well as providing you with valuable feedback.

Do your research

Conducting market research will give you an idea of what competition is out there, as well as how much other  businesses are charging for similar products or services. This knowledge will give you solid footing when working your way up the career ladder.

Spread the word

You need to know how to market yourself if you want to get more eyes on your brand. A strong social media presence is essential, and if your product is a crafty one then there is a great opportunity for visual content. Word of mouth can also help with promotion, as well as attending industry events and creating a website with a high-quality blog.

Image Credits: Ylanite Koppens

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