5 Top Reasons to Enrol Your Child in Daycare

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Daycare early learning centres have really grown in popularity in recent years. While there have always been daycare and preschool centres around, the focus nowadays is really on education, development and preparing children for the school years to come.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top reasons why you should consider enrolling your child or children in an early learning daycare facility and how it will benefit them and you.

#1 – Early Learning Centres Don’t Just Cater to Preschool-Age Children

The preschool age is widely considered to be the ages of 3 to 5, although this age bracket varies. While this is an excellent age for children to be enrolled in an early learning centre, these centres are not restricted to this age alone. It may vary from centre to centre, but the majority of early learning centres will accept children from as young as toddler age.

This is great news for working parents, who need a safe environment for very young children, while also knowing that their toddler will be learning important lessons while having fun.

#2 – Children Get a Grounding in Education Basics

As the name implies, early learning centres are focused on learning as well as general daycare. Kids receive a very good grounding in education basics, learning core subjects such as English, science and mathematics, along with reading and spelling. Some centres even teach kids about computers, including basic computer programming.

One reason why early education facilities focus on covering core subjects is to help prepare kids for the school years and give them a bit of a head start. It also makes the transition into school more seamless and less stressful.

#3 – The School Readiness Program

To expand a little on the point above, most centres will these days offer what’s referred to as a “School Readiness Program”. Aside from teaching kids the basics in those all-important core subjects, kids will prepare for school on a number of different levels. The idea is to build their self-confidence through learning and personal development, so when they do finally start the official school years, they can hit the ground running and feel more self-assured.

Another very important aspect of preparing a child for school with the school readiness program is the development of social skills. A child who learns good social skills at an early age will better be able to cope when it comes to meeting new students and interacting with teachers.

#4 – Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

One of the most important things young children can learn about is nutrition and healthy eating. Learning healthy eating habits is not only vital for their development right now, but will enrich their entire lives.

We all know that it can sometimes be a struggle to encourage kids to eat their vegetables and food that’s nutritious and that’s why early learning centres have focused a lot of attention on devising ways to overcome these obstacles.

Many centres have on-site chefs that prepare delicious meals that kids love, but made from the freshest and healthiest produce. In some centres, kids have the opportunity to even grow their own vegetables, which naturally increases their interest and desire to eat what they have grown. It’s an interesting and effective way to encourage and tempt kids to eat their veggies.

#5 – Kids Learn and Develop While Having Fun

Kids will always learn much better if they’re having a good time while doing it. Whether it be exercising, growing vegetables, learning core subjects, developing social skills and self-confidence, the major focus will always be on fun.

Children develop both physically and mentally during their years in an early learning centre and their time spent in early learning daycare is an experience they’ll likely always remember.

How To Find An Early Learning Daycare Centre Near You

If you live in a major metropolitan area of Australia, you’ll discover that there are early learning centres located somewhere nearby. One of the easiest ways to locate a centre that’s right for you is to go online and search in your location.

For example, if you’re in Concord in NSW, you could try the following terms:

Simply exchange the word “Concord” for other areas.

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