6 Common Hair Problems

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Our hair is among the best features we can flaunt. However, we all get bad hair days, which could be due to the poor condition or maintenance of the hair. Contrary to popular belief, good hair isn’t something that’s magically found in any product you purchase at your local drugstore. It takes time, patience, and dedication to achieve fuller, healthier and shinier hair.

But before we go deeper into how you can achieve healthy hair, let’s first identify some common problems among people with less-than-healthy-looking manes. There are two types of hair problems — either caused by you or by your stylist at the hair salon. If you encounter an issue with the latter and you’re wondering how to sue a hairdresser, don’t fret. You can approach legal firms regarding your dilemma. Lawyers will be able to give you a solution as to what you should do in such scenarios.

Here are six common problems that most people experience at least once in their lives:


When treating dry hair, most experts recommend using hydrating shampoos, deep conditioning treatments or masks. Also, remember not to shampoo too often since it can strip the natural oils off your scalp.

The “It’s A 10 Miracle” problem

This type of leave-in product is one of the most popular hair products out there. Although it might help promote growth, don’t expect it to work overnight and solve all your hair problems at once. Be sure to use the product diligently and determine if you have any underlying causes for your split ends.


Sometimes we tie our hair up too tight, causing breakage and leaving us with dull locks after removing our headscarves or ponytails. To eliminate this problem, allow your hair to dry naturally without tying them up tightly before going to bed. Consider putting on a scarf during frigid days, too.

Lack of volume

To avoid a flat-looking mane, don’t overuse styling products, and always remember to use a heat protectant before exposing your hair to any heat source like the hairdryer or straightener. To give your hair more volume without styling products, add some salt spray while still damp, scrunch with your hands, and then air dry or blow dry using low heat.

Overusing curling irons

If you think that perfect curls can be achieved through curling irons alone, think again. Achieving those bouncy curls doesn’t only depend on your curler. The way you section your hair also affects how curled it will be. To get a perfect spiral, make sure you apply a generous amount of mousse from underneath your hair to the ends and use a curling brush to wrap your locks around the curler.

Getting the wrong haircut

If you have thin or fine hair, avoid getting layers stacked too high on top of your head. It will add more weight that can cause damage to your strands. Also, don’t overdo your highlights; avoid dyeing your hair frequently, too. Both can lead to dryness and breakage

Finally, when treating damaged hair, be sure you use the right products or consult a hairdresser expert. Do not ever use petroleum jelly or coconut oil to treat dry hair because they can do more harm than good.

Image Credits: Michelle Raponi

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