6 Simple Reasons Tacos Are Better Than Sandwiches

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When it comes to fast food options, the list is probably endless. You can have burgers, pizzas, doughnuts, sandwiches, and even tacos. Different people, obviously, have different preferences. Most often you will hear people arguing about the fact that tacos are much better than sandwiches. Although most of you may not believe in this, nonetheless, it is true that most of the people refer to have tacos than have a sandwich says CantinaMilwaukee.

Reasons Tacos Are Better Than Sandwiches

There are several reasons to say that tacos are better than sandwiches. However, here are 6 reasons to support this statement.

  1. They Are Prettier to look at: Place a sandwich and a taco side by side. The former will look like a mess piled in a heap. On the other hand, the latter will look more interesting and lively. Ask any photographer, and he will prefer to take photos of a taco than a boring sandwich.
  2. They Are Smaller: A king sized sandwich may look both tempting and delicious to a foodie. However, when you reach halfway through such a sandwich, you feel tired of the flavor and, most often than not, you tend to wrap up the sandwich to have at a later time. On the other hand, tacos are much smaller and can easily be finished within a few minutes. You never feel tired of the flavor and, chances are, that you will crave for more. Thankfully, you will find plenty more to fulfil your hunger pangs.
  3. Infinite Possibilities: When it comes to tacos, you will come across several possibilities. They can be soft-shell or hard, made of flour or corn, barbacoa or even carnitas. You can stuff it with anything such as lettuce, tomato route, and cheese or even cilantro and onions. In other words, you can prepare tacos any way you want.
  4. Tacos are Mexican: So, do you like Mexican dishes? You will happy to know that tacos are also Mexican. Just like any other Mexican dish, tacos are also delicious. On the other hand, sandwiches are generic, which makes them quite boring.
  5. They Are Balanced: Observe a sandwich careful and you will notice that it resembles nothing but a mushy pile of different food stuffed in a type of roll. However, if you take tacos on the other hand, you will notice that it is made in such a way that you can easily feel the flavor of every component in the tacos. It is as if tacos are works of art.
  6. They Are Exciting: Sometimes, ordering tacos can be both exciting and adventurous. Every customer has an individual recipe and what you are about to get makes you feel excited. However, when it comes to ordering sandwiches, most of the time, you know what you will get to eat and you can only feel a sense of boredom.

If you have never tried tacos with your friends or family members, then better late than never. It will not just help you enjoy a great dish, you can taste different varieties every time you order tacos.

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