6 Tips for Making Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

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If your business is looking for ways to tackle climate change, then you should start by looking at your own environmental impact. There are many ways in which your company can be eco-friendlier, and to help you get started, here are 6 tips for making your business more environmentally friendly.

Move to a Smaller Location

Moving to a smaller location isn’t always an option for some businesses as it requires a lot of planning, expenditure, and downtime. If you only have a small team and you’re working in a large office, it’ll be eco-friendlier for you to move your team to a smaller space. To help make the transition easier and quicker, look for professional movers Las Vegas.

If you can, chose a space that is closer to public transport links. Moving to a smaller business premises means that you will use less electricity, have fewer lights on, and only need to heat and cool a small space. Use Ignitedigital.com to promote the change of premises to existing and potential clients.

Think about Transportation

Encouraging your employees to reduce carbon emissions is another step towards making your business more sustainable. Incentivise your employees to walk, carpool, cycle, or take public transport to work by providing company pooled cars, offering free or discounted bike rentals, and offering free or discounted train and bus passes.

You can also reduce carbon emissions by limiting the number of flights your employees go on for business trips. If the location isn’t too far away, suggest that they take the train or a coach instead. If you want to reduce the number of business trips your team takes overall, consider asking your clients, suppliers, and business partners to have video calls instead.

Get a Smart Metre

Get a smart metre for your office to help you to reduce your business’s energy consumption. Once you see how much it’s costing you, you’re sure to find ways to lower those costs. Install smart bulbs and smart plugs, so you can turn the lights on and off remotely and turn off the PCs and monitors automatically at the end of the day. You can save even more energy by letting natural light into your office during the day instead of having the lights on.

Go Paperless

It’s a well-known fact that business waste a lot of paper, but there is no need for it. Going paperless isn’t that hard.

Digitise all your documents. Instead of photocopying paper documents, you can share digital copies with your employees and clients. When everything has been digitised, you can recycle the paper. Without tonnes of paperwork filling your filing cabinets, you’ll save a lot of space. You also don’t need to print out bills, receipts, and contracts. You can email bills and receipts directly to clients, and have your clients electronically sign contracts.

An SEO consultant Toronto can help you to focus on digital marketing strategies, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and website optimisation. This is a great alternative to printing leaflets and fliers. If your business does need to use paper, use recycled paper, print on both sides, then recycle it when it’s no longer needed.

Reduce Waste in the Break Room

You’d be surprised at how much waste comes from the breakroom. Put a clearly labelled recycling bin in the breakroom and encourage employees to use it. Instead of having single use plastic cutlery and plates, provide employees with proper silverware and plates. Instead of buying things like cream and sugar in individual packaging, buy them in larger containers to reduce waste. You can also swap out paper towels with tea towels. Instead of having disposable coffee cups near the kettle and having plastic cups by the water fountain, provide employees with glasses and mugs. If you want to take it a step further, you could purchase your employees travel mugs with your company’s logo on them.

Offer Remote Work

Give your employees the option of working from home. If your employees are mainly working on computers at the office, then they can just as easily do their work remotely on a laptop. If you need to speak to an employee urgently or need to have team meetings throughout the week, use a project management system and have video calls.

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