7 Benefits of Owning a Pet

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Many of us wouldn’t be without our furry friends. They are part of the family and bring a smile to the face whenever you see them. It’s not just dogs that are a favourite pet to have in your home either, as cats, guinea pigs and even reptiles bring people that spark of joy. Owning a pet is a big commitment, but if you’re ready to take the leap and welcome a new family member to your home, check out some of the benefits owning a pet could have on your physical and mental well-being.

Boost your fitness levels

If you own a pet you can walk such as a dog (or cat!) this helps to get you out of the house and moving a little more. Even short walks around the park can improve physical fitness, plus there are the added benefits of getting some fresh air.

Improves your immune system

Although the thought of your pets spending time outside then wandering around your home with dirt, grime and germs on them doesn’t sound appealing, it can, in fact, help boost your immune system. Your tolerance levels to these unpleasant things build up and can help reduce your risk of getting frequent colds and illnesses.

Reduces your stress levels

Did you know that stroking a pet could actually lower your blood pressure? This calming motion helps you to relax, and owners of pets often have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels than those who don’t have a pet.

Great companionship

If you are often on your own or have an independent lifestyle, owning a dog could relieve any loneliness you might feel. They offer companionship and are always happy to see you. If you are considering a dog or cat, they are often still looking for snuggles on the sofa too if you’ve had a bad day.

Teaching responsibility

For families considering pets, this could help educate your kids on taking responsibilities in looking after them. If you’ve been hounded by the question ‘can I have a puppy?’ on many occasions, you’ll know many children love the thought of another friend in the house. Getting a pet could teach them cleaning, grooming and the importance of feeding them good food such as Skinners field and trial products. They may also learn nurturing and empathy skills to help them develop, as they grow older.

Help you socialise more

If you’ve ever been walking around the park with a dog, you’ll know that pet owners often make conversation with one another, as they have something in common. If you don’t socialise much, this could be the perfect opportunity to get to know other pets owners even if it’s just on the walk around your local park.

They can make you feel safe

You shouldn’t just get a pet to guard your home, but just having a pet around, in general, can make you feel safer if you’re home alone. Dogs and cats are a particular help as they are generally alerted to things before you even realise. However, them just being around can put your mind at ease inside and outside your home.

Image Credits: Adam Griffith

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