7 Best Fall Car Maintenance Tips

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Now that this summer is coming to an end, it’s time to think about preparing your car for colder days. This is a routine for many diligent and responsible car owners, but there are still those who believe there is nothing to be done about their car. They are very wrong, of course.

Just like we change the way we dress once it gets cold, our car needs to be prepared for fall and winter. The sooner you deal with this matter, the better for you, since you’ll be able to prevent many problems and inconveniences. So, what are the most important things you need to do?

Change air filter

Summer are known for the amount of dirt and pollen in the air. That means your air filter has absorbed quite of lot of impurities and is most definitely not functioning as well as it should. So, take some time to give your car a breath of fresh air and replace its air filter. Most filters are easily replaced and you can probably do it yourself. Take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions and buy the right kind of filter and try to replace it following the instructions to the letter.

Inspect the battery

Perhaps you haven’t had any problems with your car battery, but colder days will require it to be up for the challenge. Batteries older than three or four years are particularly susceptible to fail, which is why you should have your battery checked by a local mechanic. If necessary, replace it before the temperature drops significantly and you won’t have any problems starting your car in the morning.


Another important thing to check are the tires. Not only must they be properly inflated, but you also need to make sure you have the right kind of tires for the season. If you live in a climate that gets snow or ice in winter, the tires you use in fall should be rated “all-season” at a minimum. However, if you see snow has been forecast, make sure you have your snow tires installed. You need to react before the weather changes significantly if you want your car to be safe.

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Paint protection

More and more people are protecting their car against stone chips, road debris and wear-and-tear. Many Australians are turning to experts providing great car detailing in Sydney, who can apply a kind of “invisible barrier” between the paint and the outside world. That way you they don’t have to worry about some seemingly small element destroying the paint. No matter how small such a damage can look, it can easily lead to rusting, one of the biggest problems related to the bodywork.

Engine inspection

Check the oil, antifreeze, belts and hoses before fall comes. Inspect the level of oil and antifreeze in your car and always use the type of products recommended by the car manufacturer. Also, the hoses should be inspected for potential leaks and belts for any signs of stress.

Windshield wipers and washer fluid

Another thing you can do without any help is to check the wiper blades and washer fluid in your car. Wiper blades don’t really last long, especially if you have to use them often. So, make sure you replace them before fall rains arrive. Washer fluid is inexpensive and you should always have it in your garage, so that you can regularly add it. Every now and then you need to check the level of washer fluid and pour extra fluid if necessary.

Check your HVAC system

Finally, you should definitely inspect your heating, ventilation and air-conditions system to see if it’s functioning properly. For this, you need to visit a local mechanic, who can tell you if there is anything you need to do about the HVAC system.

Making sure your car is ready for fall (and subsequent winter) is very important, as you can see. Only if you look after your car properly can you expect it to give you years of safe and reliable service. Getting it ready for fall is just one aspect of maintenance, but a very important one.

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