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Many professionals travel for business, but if you’re not prepared, it can be very stressful. To make sure your business trip goes well, here are seven business travel tips.

Pass the Time by Working on the Go

You’ll find yourselves waiting around a lot when travelling for business, whether you’re waiting for a flight, bus, or train, so you should try to pass the time by working on the go. Airports and stations will have WIFI, outlets, and USB charging stations. Find a lounge or a café where you can rest for a while and get your laptop out. Be sure that wherever you stop to work while waiting to travel, you can see or hear any announcements about waiting times or delays. If you’re travelling long distance, make sure you have a charging block with you so that you can work while you’re on your way to your destination.

Look for the Most Efficient Ways to Travel

You don’t want to spend the majority of your trip travelling or sitting in airport lounges, so when you look into travelling for business, look for the most efficient ways to travel. Go for a long-haul flight without layovers, so you don’t have to navigate an extra airport. Learn more about your different travel options online so you can travel via the most direct route. If you have a fear of flying, you can look up alternate means of travel, but you can check out this website for ways to deal with it.

Pack Light

Fight the urge to take everything with you. Only bring the essentials and take clothes that you can mix and match. Bring only one pairs of shoes, and if you’re planning on bringing a bulky coat or jacket, wear it while you travel. Put everything in your carry-on bag and eschew a large suitcase so you can avoid having to wait for it in the baggage claim. Bringing fewer things with you means that there are fewer things to lose.

Stay Hydrated

Jet lag is one of the worst parts of travelling, especially if you’re on a long flight. Stay hydrated by buying bottled water at the airport or at the train station shop or by bringing your own flask and filling it at a water fountain. While coffee seems like a good option to keep you alert, it’s a diuretic and will make you more dehydrated. You should also avoid alcohol so you can focus on work as soon as you get to your destination.

Get on the Right Time Zone Before You Leave

Prevent jet lag by getting on the right time zone before you get to your destination. Start a few days before you leave by going to bed a couple of hours earlier or later than usual, depending on where you’re travelling to. You should also try eating at the times you expect to be eating while you’re away. Preparing for your journey ahead of time will allow you to enjoy it more and be ready for your work meeting with the best employment law firms.

Keep Your Receipts

Whenever you travel for work, make sure you keep all of your receipts. Your employer will need them for tax purposes and so they can reimburse you for any travel expenses incurred. Your employers will also want to keep a record of everything. These days, employers will probably be happy with digital copies and photos of receipts, but you should always ask your boss if they want you to keep the paper receipts, in case they want to file them away.

Take Photos of Your Important Documents

There’s nothing worse than losing or having your important travel documents stolen when travelling. This can cause unfortunate delays and replacing them can be a lot of hassle. Always make two copies of your travel documents and passport. Leave one copy with a family member or good friend and take the other copy in your carry-on bag. Having these copies will help you to apply for a new passport or documents more easily if something goes missing. If you have paid your Bonaire tourism tax online, for example, print off the receipt so you can show it at the airport when you arrive.

The documents you should get copies of are your driver’s license, travel tickets, visa, travel insurance info, hotel reservation info, and doctors notes and essential medical info (for any illnesses or allergies).

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