7 Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Being a first-time homeowner is exciting, but it’s also a big responsibility. You get to pick up your new keys, have Bekins Moving Solutions move your belongings in, and start decorating. However, there are several things that first-time homeowners forget about, so we’ve compiled seven tips to help you settle into your new home.

Think about Home Security

Home security is one of the most important things first-time homeowners overlook. You may feel safe in your new house, but how secure is it really?

The first thing you should do is call a locksmith to change the locks. You don’t know how many copies of the key the former owner made or who they gave them to. You don’t want a stranger to be able to waltz into your home using a spare key.

If your home already has an alarm system, get the manual out and change the code to something you’ll remember. For added security, you could get a video doorbell. Video doorbells have motion sensors which trigger a chime that alerts you when someone is approaching your home. You can connect the doorbell to your phone so you can see who is at your door and talk to them remotely without having to open the door.

Keep Important Paperwork Somewhere Safe

You should keep your important paperwork in a safe place. Digitise your documents so that you have copies in case of an emergency, then get a file organiser or a fireproof document box. Make sure your organiser or box has a lock so no one else can access it but you.

You should store away your home warranty, insurance documents, mortgage deed, deed of transfer, property information forms, a copy of the survey, any permits you need, utilities documents, tax information, and instruction manuals. You should also keep any other important documents, such as passports, utility letters, and medical records in the same place so you know where everything is.

Prioritise Repairs and Renovations

You should have had a survey done before you moved in, so you’ll be aware of what needs to be fixed. Don’t leave essential repairs and renovations until the last minute. If you have a leak or a plumbing problem, you don’t want to wait for it to get worse before contacting a plumber. Electrical problems can be extremely dangerous, so you’ll want to call an electrician to sort those issues too.

Don’t Try to Do It All by Yourself

You may think that trying to do everything yourself is a great cost-cutting measure, but if you’ve never renovated or decorated a house before, you’ll spend even more money hiring a professional to fixing the mistakes you’ve made. If you don’t know what tools to use or the best method of doing things, then you know it’s time to bring in the professionals.

If you insist on doing some things yourself, you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Click here for some more advice.

Buy the Things You Need First

Decorating your house is exhilarating, but you should focus on buying the essentials first. Make your home functional before focusing on the cosmetic side of things. Kit your house out with appliances, install the HVAC system, and buy necessary furniture before you start looking at decorations and embellishments.

When Buying Furniture, Think Long Term

Buying that cream suede couch may be tempting, but will it stand the test of time if you have young children and pets? When buying furniture, think about how long it will last. Your furniture should be a long-term investment; you shouldn’t have to frequently replace it. You should always inspect the quality of a piece of furniture and read online reviews before purchasing it.

Be Sociable

You’ll be living in close quarters with your neighbours for a long time, so you should try to be sociable when you move in. Getting to know your neighbours can help you to settle in more quickly. Your friendlier neighbours may be able to help you to get to know the ins and outs of the neighbourhood more quickly. They may take some time to warm up to you, so try to learn more about them and maybe get them small gifts to thank them for being so welcoming.

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