A Beginner’s Guide to Camping: What you Need to Know

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Australian people love the great outdoors and camping has long been a favourite pastime for young people and families alike, as they look to stay connected to nature. Of course, you are going to need a vehicle; either a campervan or you can use your UTE, plus a decent tent and a few camping features will make your camping experience a nicer one. Camping is more than a hobby, it is a passion and something we should all experience sometime in our life. We are so lucky to have so much natural beauty in Australia, which you can enjoy at any time and with the right camping gear and a little local knowledge, you can enjoy the wide-open spaces and become one with nature.

Making a Tent Purchase

If you search online for a brand name UTE tent, you can make the best use of your vehicle, plus there are awnings to give you essential shading. The online supplier has all the best brands and prices are generally 15-20% lower than at traditional retail outlets and they have so many tents, awnings and canopies, there’s bound to be a perfect solution that suits your needs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, the more times you erect your tent, the more competent you will become and when you first purchase your tent, put it up in the garden a few times to ensure you know what you’re doing when you camp for the first time. If you are planning an extended camping marathon, or are halfway through a move, you might need some self-storage.

Solar Power

Solat tech has reached the point where you can pretty much guarantee power when camping; invest in a solar blanket that can be rolled out on your UTE roof and connect it to a lithium-iron storage battery. This enables you to enjoy extended camping trips in the Outback and once you have made the initial investment, your energy is clean, renewable and free.

Checking Online Reviews

Prior to ordering any camping equipment, check out some of the pro reviews, as these guys really do put the equipment through its paces. This is the only way to find out if the item does what it is designed to do and if your new tent or sleeping bag receives glowing reports, you know you’re onto a winner. A BBQ, for example, might look the business, but how does it perform in the field? The best way to find out is to tune into a pro review.

Use your Common Sense

Camping is all about common sense and as you gain more experience, lessons will be learned from mistakes that are made. Things like checking the wind direction before lighting your camp fire and choosing the best place to set up camp are important and as you gain more camping experience, you will make fewer mistakes.

New Tech

This is an exciting time to get into camping, with so many innovative gadgets that are designed to make camping more comfortable and convenient. LED lighting comes in many designs, while solar panel development is ongoing and businesses are investing huge amounts in R&D in a bid to develop new and exciting gadgets to make camping more fun.

Danger of Fire

We all know how easy it is for a fire to get out of control; when you are breaking camp, always make sure that your camp fire is fully extinguished, which can be done by dousing with water. Of course, wherever you are camping in Australia, there are rules to follow and these rules are there for good reason, to protect the wildlife and the wilderness that we all love. If you’re planning a trip to beautiful Queensland, here is some important information for campers.

There are some great camping tutorials on YouTube and we recommend watching a few to get you into the right frame of mind. Take everything into consideration; dangerous animals and insects, the possibility of getting lost or stranded and make sure that your vehicle is up to the task.

We hope that your new-found enthusiasm for camping leads to many rich experiences and don’t forget to pass your knowledge onto the next generation.

Image Credits: Rahul Bhosale

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