A Business Relocation: 3 Things to Keep Everything Running Smoothly

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One of the greatest things about scaling up a business is that you are going to increase your reach, and this can mean moving to a bigger office. If you are in a position where you are preparing to move locations, there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind to make for a smooth move, but also ensure that your employees and customers are kept in the loop. Here are some things to consider.

Setting a Budget

One of the most common oversights businesses make is budgeting for the future, rather than the present. When it comes to moving offices, it’s much like moving house: the more you plan upfront, the more streamlined the operation is going to be. And when you are preparing for the overlap in services, especially if you are attempting to move the operation over a weekend, you must budget, not just for the moving and overlap in services, but also for waste reduction. A very simple skip bin hire service can ensure that you leave no stone unturned when you vacate the office, but this is why a budget and solid financial practice is going to ensure that you understand how much you can dedicate from the business funds to the process of moving.

Ensuring the Customers Are Kept in the Loop

Moving your business from one location to another could mean a disruption to services. You can operate with a skeleton staff, but there will be times when the website is down because you are moving your IT equipment, such as your servers, and this is why constant communication with your customers and your staff is critical. Moving from one location to another is always more costly and time-sensitive than we give it credit. It’s far better to be open and honest with your customers upfront so they know what to expect. This won’t stop them from complaining if they can’t access your services during the moving time, but you may want to implement a number of practices to keep them happy, for example, a voucher.

Making Sure the Business Retains Productivity

The toughest thing when making a business move is to ensure that the business is functioning as it should. This is where having a dedicated member of the team can coordinate the customer service side and the other aspects of the business can make the business work more effectively. Because if you are trying to scale up your organisation with a skeleton staff, and your efforts are focused on the move itself, it can take a few weeks to get everything back up to speed. You may benefit from having dedicated teams that can keep angry customers at bay, while also ensuring that the workflow is not going to cause a number of business “hangovers.”

If you are looking to make your business move more effectively, the toughest thing is about keeping that momentum. Ensuring that you have a streamlined approach to your operations is going to make a massive difference, and some of these components will make everything far easier.

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