A Fashionista’s Guide to Accessorizing a Black Jumpsuit

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This season’s celebrities and catwalk models are flooding the columns with pictures of chic, stylish jumpsuits. It is an outfit that is such a bold statement, and you would be forgiven for thinking that not everyone can pull the look off. The truth is that anyone actually can.

Jumpsuits are not only great for every occasion but are also comfortable and slimming. Below, we give our guide on how to accessorize a black jumpsuit.

How to Accessorize a Black Jumpsuit

One great party look with a black jumpsuit is the addition of some metallic touches. Leather with metallic finishes will work excellently. Silver and enamel necklaces, spikes, and studded wristbands should add a dominant touch to your outfit.

If you want something a bit more traditional, do not be afraid to go for more conventional bling and sparkle. Rhinestones and sequins will go with anything, and if you are feeling a little flush you can always upgrade to diamonds and pearls. With sparkle, less is definitely more, so do not go overboard.

Perhaps try a little shine on a necklace and mirror it in a bracelet. You may just wish to have a set of long hanging earrings, or possible adorn it with a classic looking brooch. There are lots of very reasonably priced, high-quality jewelry stores online such as https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/ where you can pick up some great accessories.

Gather the Waist

The beauty of a black jumpsuit is the more relaxed the fit, the better they actually look. That means you can combine comfort with a stylish look that is good for casual or formal occasions. It is also really simple to tuck in and give you a great shape, whatever your body size or build.

Most of them come with a drawstring or elastic waist, making them easy to gather. However, you can add a splash of color or accessories by replacing it with a belt of your own choice or sash of material. Work in extremes, using either very thin straps or wide waist belts.

All you need to do is check the jumpsuit is not too large, as this can add a slightly frumpy look. Check the fit around your bum, as some may hang down causing a long bum effect. Also, try not to have a jumpsuit that hangs over the drawstring or belt, as this can destroy the silhouette of the outfit.

Wear a Jumpsuit With a Jacket

The addition of a jacket or blazer can add some shape and beauty to your jumpsuit. Adding layers will break down the shape of the jumpsuit, which some people may not feel confident enough to wear on its own.

The jacket you should pick depends on the occasion you are attending. For formal occasions, think about adding a tuxedo jacket to the outfit. For more casual affairs, you can choose something with more pattern, color, and flair.

Make sure that the patterns and color schemes of your blazer and jumpsuit match. If in doubt, combine any patterned item with a plain one, so a plain jumpsuit would go with a patterned blazer, and vice versa. If you are really struggling to get the look correct, plain black and white together will be great for any time of day or night.

Shoes to Wear With a Black Jumpsuit

The de facto rule to go with any jumpsuit is to always opt for heels. While you can wear other shoes, but they will have to look extremely casual. Also, the fit of the jumpsuit does not suit every shoe type, so avoid wide shoes like wedges and clogs.

No matter what your height or shape, wearing heels with the jumpsuit will make you look longer. The bottoms need to be followed by a shoe that is quite skinny and elegant, particularly if you have a wide-legged jumpsuit. Make sure that the bottom does not bunch up around the top of a boot or trainer, as it will interrupt the flow from leg to foot.

Wearing a Jumpsuit as Evening Wear

A few extra additions can be made to really turn the jumpsuit into a formal item of evening wear. Firstly, select the correct type of bag, usually a small clutch that complements your choice of shoes. Contrast this clutch and your shoe color with that color of the outfit to make a real statement.

If your jumpsuit has a neckline, then combine it with a long and classy pendant necklace. This will draw the eyes downwards, enhancing the long and sleek body and lines created by the outfit. Again, remember not to overload on accessories as the line between stylish and tasteless is very thin!

If in Doubt, Stick With a Solid Color

If you are a little nervous about wearing such a daring outfit, or you are not sure which type will suit you, then go for a solid color. In addition to black, navy and dark greens will combine with almost anything, and if you decide that you like it you can always purchase another with a simple pattern.

Black will always be a slimming option, so rely on it to boost your confidence. A solid color jumpsuit will allow the eye to travel up and down without distraction. When worn with height enhancing heels, you will look slimmer and taller.

Wear It With Style

In summary, simply start with a plain, solid color, heels, and a few accessories. Once you know how to accessorize a black jumpsuit, mix it up with colors and jewelry.

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Image Credits: Danielle Pilon

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