A Guide to Keeping Your Pooch Safe

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Dogs easily become your new fluffy best friend: bundles of joy that constantly keep you on your toes, while providing loving companionship throughout their life. With all the joy and fun that comes with keeping a dog, it’s difficult to think about the negatives; namely, what to do when your beloved pooch is in danger or might run into a problem. It might be tough to think about, but the more you face up to the fact and plan in advance, the easier it’ll be to ensure a long and happy life for your best pal.

So, here’s a guide on keeping any pooch as safe as can be.

Training is a Must

Training is for your dog’s benefit as well as your own—and the sooner you start, the better! Training your dog will help to keep them safe in many different ways. Callback training means your furry friend will always come back when you call, so you can more easily avoid them running off into a difficult situation outdoors. Lead training means you’ll have better control of your pooch, and reduces the chances of them them pulling the lead from your grip and running into a busy road.

Generally, training just means a happier and healthier relationship between you and your dog, which keeps you both in tip-top shape.

Get Them Microchipped

You don’t want to have to think about any situation where your dog runs off or gets lost, but it’s always a possibility—especially for an extremely active pup. Microchipping gives your dog the best chance of finding its way home by easy identification and through the address details of your home if your dog is found, so it can be returned to you.

Microchipping is easy peasy and can be done at your local vets. Be sure to find a vet service you can trust which offers affordable microchipping, such as the services from easyvet, so that you can rest assured it’s done professionally with your dog’s wellbeing in mind.

Stay on Top of Health Treatments

Make sure your dog is in the best position to fight off any health issues by keeping on top of their standard treatments, including worming and fleaing. Complications can easily put your pooch’s health at risk (and run up costly vet fees too), so make sure to get into a good routine of keeping your dog in the best possible health condition in relation to common issues.

If you have a mind like a sieve, make sure to set reminders or keep a calendar for when your dog’s next treatment is due!

Make Them Seen

Long summer-night walks with your best friend can be heaven, but they become a little trickier when winter hits and you’re venturing in the dark. Reflective pet gear can help your dog to be seen by you, and by others. You may want to try a reflective jacket (also perfect against the winter chill!) or an illuminated collar. This can help to keep your pet seen by approaching vehicles and other people.

Final Thought

So there you have it! Some top ways to keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy—and in return, your beloved pooch will keep you happy and healthy, too.

Image Credits: Alexi Ohre

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