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A home office space is a positive investment for any homeowner. Now more than ever, a home office space is a coveted home area that will assist in your workload and offer a sense of calmness during this turbulent time.

How can the home office be designed to support us and our work in a healthier and more comfortable way? The right thing to do is to start looking at the home office space (or home space intended for work) as organizations look at their work environments. In other words, our ambition should be to create a work environment that will help us function in the best way, while supporting all aspects that contribute to our personal well-being: physical, emotional and cognitive. What is well-being? The intent is to look at all of our systems as connected to each other. For example, if we sit for a long time on the hard chair we dragged from the dining area, it will not only affect the body, but it will also have a cognitive and emotional effect – when we are uncomfortable in the body, it is harder for us to concentrate, focus and be effective. If our home is functioning incorrectly, such as a broken down boiler or AC system, you need to tackle this head on and call emergency AC repair.

Furniture and accessories

We can produce for ourselves home office furniture that will support better health and work performance, regardless of the type of space available for this purpose in the home.

Ergonomic seating: Naturally everybody is different, and we all need an office chair that supports our unique needs. Good ergonomic seating allows for more concentration and minimizes distractions that result simply from the fact that we are uncomfortable. It is therefore of paramount importance to choose an ergonomic computer chair with multiple adjustment capabilities for prolonged work so that it can be adapted to a wide range of people and their needs.

Added monitors: Many workers work at home with laptops, and these are not really designed for long-term work. If the keyboard is placed in front of us correctly, the screen monitor will be further back. A healthier approach to working with a laptop will include working with an additional monitor. Ideally the first line of the document on the monitor should be just slightly below eye level. This allows us to take care of our neck and not sprain it by constantly looking downwards.

Adequate lighting: Lighting has a crucial impact on our physical and mental well-being. What is the optimal lighting for work? Leading designers believe that if possible the work area should be located near a window or other natural light source in order to improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity. Look at a spot light lamp to ensure that you are not spraining your eyes, and also consider using the natural lighting to your advantage. As well as this, other lamps can be great during dull days to improve mood and assist your vision.

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