A Two-Week Holiday to Remember

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As Australians, we love a holiday. With school out, footy season over and summer here, it’s definitely time for our next adventure. But where to go with only two weeks available for your next holiday?

Here are some options to consider, whether you travel by plane, boat or automobile.

Explore a New Country

While we share the same ocean, taking a holiday to South America offers a whole new world of adventure. In Peru, there are endless fascinating places to explore.

You can choose to view the world from the heights of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Or experience the vibrant Peruvian culture in its capital city of Lima. For more adventure, trek or take of boat tour through the exotic Amazon jungle. There are endless possibilities on one of the many Peru tours.

Awe-inspiring Alaska

There is more to Alaska than a cruise around the incredible icebergs. This is why your two-week holiday there can be more land-based than ocean cruise.

Alaska is known for its halibut and salmon fishing trips, where you can include watching bald eagles or bears in their natural habitat. Or visit one of the indigenous Inuit villages to see and experience their way of life for centuries.

Unexpected Asia

It’s been over 40 years since the Vietnam war ended and the country reunited its north and south into one again. Since then, this southeast Asian beauty has blossomed into a perfect two-week holiday destination.

There are a number of tours that take you from Hanoi in the north through Hoi An and Halong Bay. Or travel along the Mekong River and finish in Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) or visa-versa. All this can be done in two weeks or two months, so the choice is yours.

Say Aloha and Do the Hula

Flights to Hawaii are only a few hours further than Bali, and these days they are just as affordable. So, this is the perfect time to pack your swimmers and visit the land of aloha. From active volcanoes to America’s only palaces, a holiday is Hawaii is always exciting. With seven islands, a holiday here will keep your newly acquired grass skirt moving!

Learn Something New in Noosa

Ready to stay closer to home? If you are ready to learn a new way to cook, surf or abseil down a mountain, Noosa is for you. Here there are holidays created to help you do just that!

Think about including a cooking school into your two-week break, then catch a wave with one of Noosa’s surf schools.

If you want to shimmy down the side of a mountain, Mt Tinbeerwah is only 10 minutes from Hastings Street. This stunning mountain attracts everyone from first timers and those ready to scale Yosemite. And with accredited climbing schools to help you abseil safely, you’ll see Noosa in a whole new way.

So, there you have it! Five two-week holiday destinations sure to create amazing memories for everyone.

Image Credits: Barbara Zandoval

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