Acrylic Jars: The Modern Alternative to Glass

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Glass has a long history in packaging, and it has been used for decades to package materials which were of high quality.

These days, acrylic jars are pushing into the market as a good alternative. Jars are great for packaging beauty products, creams, pastes and lotions. The most common material is plastic, but what if you want your products to be a bit more special and have that unique glass-like feel? Well, it turns out that you might not need to use glass at all.

Glass or Acrylic Jars?

Glass looks and feels good, but the problem is that it breaks easily. It is not that durable, and a few bumps can cause cracks to appear, which will spread and eventually the container can break into pieces. If you want to package food or cosmetics in a modern and cool way, then an acrylic jar can do the trick.

Food canisters and containers made of glass don’t take kindly to being dropped. If you package a product which is intended for families, then it will probably be handled by children. Children tend to drop stuff and knock things over, so sending your products in more durable packaging might be a good idea. Plastic is the best choice in this case, but acrylic jars can be a good middle ground between glass and plastic.

When it comes to packaging cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and even food, appearances matter. The appearance of the packaging isn’t the only thing that matters, sometimes people like to be able to see the product through the container. Glass is a clear choice here because it lets light through and does it in a beautiful way, but as previously mentioned, glass is not that durable. Well, you are in luck, because acrylic jars are also transparent and they can transmit more light than glass. Acrylic jars can transmit about 90% of visible light, so your products can really shine. If it is important that customers see what is inside the packaging, then acrylic jars are a good choice.

Ultimately, acrylic jars are just as good-looking as glass, but they offer a bit more sturdiness and reliability. If you wish to send your cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products or special food in a durable packaging, you can’t go wrong with acrylic jars.

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