Agio Knows the Who, What, Why, and How of Hedge Fund Cybersecurity

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Cyber threats are said to be the most critical issue in today’s open world. It is great to have access to the internet and information, but along with that comes increased risk of break-ins and lost identity. When criminals hit financial entities, such as hedge funds, the results can be devastating for their clients and business. Not all losses can be measured in dollars and cents; some are documents or confidential information. Protecting the fund should be as important as managing the fund itself. At Agio, we can take that burden away from the manager and use our focused staff, protocols, and systems to build protection around what matters most.

When investing in a hedge fund consumers have to know that the company is protecting their data and the businesses. All hedge funds should have a wall of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity works on many levels to keep information in house and to keep out intruders. This level of security protects technology against hackers. These groups of people are often described as modern-day bank robbers.

Hackers can break into files and systems. Once inside the system, they may be looking for several things. Some of them are interested in ID theft and are trying to find personal information about clients, especially high-end clients or famous people. Some hackers are gathering login information to use in other portals, and others are just there to steal documentation that they can later use for blackmail or sabotage. Even small breaches can lead to more significant issues, so no matter what the intruder’s goal is, even if it does not appear malicious, it should be handled as a serious attack.

You may be wondering how these people can get in. They have an elaborate system of computer viruses and malware that can attack the hedge funds protective barriers. Firewalls are just as the name implies. They are technical screens built around computers and systems that house confidential information. These walls can be broken or crawled around using unique algorithms.

Agio provides hedge fund cybersecurity in particular because they need to protect their data above all. Ways that Agio enforces their security is using programs that constantly sweep looking for intrusions. Once a possible break-in or a weak spot is detected in the system, Agio response with quick action to protect the data and plug the leak. Agio is continuously updating and working with their customers as the landscape of technology and the hacker’s abilities are ever evolving.

Agio takes the serious business of cybersecurity out of the hedge fund manager’s daily tasks so that they can work on their intended projects. Working with the Agio Company can put your employees and customer’s minds at ease knowing that a professional cybersecurity company is protecting the systems and private information.

Image Credits: Christopher Burns

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