All-In-One Website Development Is Now the Real Thing

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For years magazines have been filled with adverts informing small businesses that they can have an “all-in-one website solution”, with this allowing countless small firms to quickly establish their presence on the internet. However, it’s only now that brands are starting to offer a “true” all-in-one service, with IT and Business Integration company leading the way.

Businesses have found it very easy to gain an online presence courtesy of the standard domain, hosting and web design packages that have been available for years. The problem, at least for some of these, was that this was where the service stopped. There was no room for any flexibility in regards to the system, while issues such as marketing and content creation were not even considered.

In other words, the initial platform was provided – but that’s where the help stopped.

Now, thanks to companies like Nexus, this seems to be a thing of the past. As well as offering the typical website build, design and maintenance, it’s possible to extract so much more from these companies. Gone are the days where small businesses are hung out to dry, they can constantly tune into other services which are absolutely critical to online success in today’s age.

For example, digital marketing is the cornerstone of any successful online enterprise. Whether it is search engine optimization, which is even more specialist nowadays following some advanced tweaks to the Google algorithm, or social media, companies need some sort of way to get their brand out there. Once upon a time they would have had to do it on their own accord, or find another company willing to take on the task for them. Now, through all-in-one solutions like what Nexus provide, everything can be kept under one roof.

Something else which can fall under that roof is content creation. Some industry experts would suggest that this in itself links with search engine optimization, but regardless of that the fact remains that content is now another key component of any successful website. Brands cannot get away with leaving their website static for years, it has to be kept fresh for both visitors, and of course the search engine bots.

Even more complicated methods of advertising such as PPC are being explored by these companies. Again, once upon a time this would have been left to a specialist agency, but the fact that a firm can now design, build, manage and digitally market a company under one umbrella shows just how far the web development industry has now become.

When one also considers that companies like Nexus also specialise in a whole host of IT solutions and training, it really means that a business can utilise one provider for virtually every single one of their information system needs. Again, this would have been unheard of several years ago but it now gives businesses a much simpler way of managing their whole IT and online structure.


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