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Many people say that friends are the family we choose and they couldn’t be more right. And, although we value and love every single friend we have, there is that one special person that stands out: our best friend. The one who is there for us when the times are hard and when we can’t stop crying over a breakup we just had or when we are full of joy because of a huge promotion at work ‒ we know that our bestie will be there to celebrate with us. So, if there is a special day coming up for you BFF or if you just want to surprise them with a little something, we bring you a list of a few gifts your friend will love.

Like A Boss mug

Mugs and kitchen supplies

If your friend is a coffee lover, they will appreciate a new, special coffee mug. You can opt for some interesting stainless steel mugs or ones designed specifically for iced coffee, or you can make personalized DIY coffee mugs. No doubt your BFF will enjoy drinking coffee every morning from a mug that was created just for them. In addition, if your friend is a foodie, you should know that new kitchen supplies will make their day. A cute recipe box, elegant salt and pepper shakers, or chic coasters, will be a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking and good food. Moreover, you can personalize your gift and, for example, make special dish towels with funny messages or order a unique bottle opener that you know your friend will be crazy about.

Looking through clothes on a rail

Clothing items and accessories

Any fashion lover will be thrilled with a gift such as a stylish clothing piece or a trendy accessory. Depending on your BFF’s fashion style, you may gift her a variety of pieces: a fashionable denim jacket, a cute cotton dress, a chic biker jacket, or something else that you know will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of your favorite fashionista. Furthermore, you may want to match outfits with your friend. Many celebrities show us that dressing alike is one of the key factors needed for a true and long friendship, and they may be right. Whether you opt for fashion pieces that will be alike in terms of color, such as corresponding T-shirts, or if you go for funky hoodies with “BFFs” written over them, there is no doubt that both you and your bestie will look fabulous.

In terms of accessories, a lovely bag or a special piece of jewelry are always an amazing option for a present. Here, once more, you should take into account your friend’s personal style. One person will appreciate a spacious, leather tote bag, while another girl will be thrilled about a modish, belt bag. One thing is for certain ‒ a true trendsetter BFF will love a gift that is in the form of the IT bag of the season. When it comes to jewelry, a delicate necklace with a heart charm and hand-stamped with the initials of both of you or a special date that you share is a well-thought gift. A dainty bracelet or a pair of stud earrings is another amazing and meaningful piece of jewelry you can gift your bestie, or you can opt for something more unique, such as chic bobby pins bejeweled with glittery words.

Two women with hands in the air

A quick trip

This is one of the gifts that will create a number of memories for you and your best friend. A few days’ trip, where you will be able to catch up on everything that has been happening in your lives while at the same time exploring a new location and relaxing, will be an enjoyment for both of you. It is up to you to decide whether you will book an adventurous trip or a relaxing, wellness retreat. You can visit yours or her hometown or if you went to university together, you can pay a quick visit to it. On the other hand, if you know your friend is constantly busy and has a lot on her plate, a few days at the spa and mediation in nature at a retreat will be an absolute delight for her.

In the end, whatever you decide to gift your friend with, the most important thing for them will be the pure fact that you love and value them.


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