Ankle Compression Socks: 5 Top Reasons Why Should You Be Wearing Them

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Hurting your ankles is nerve-wracking when you live an active lifestyle. Missing workouts and daily activities leaves you with a bad feeling. Then, there is a necessary downtime before you are ready to return to your lifestyle.

At least it is when you are unaware of ankle compression socks. It’s a simple piece of equipment you can wear during your daily activities.

Living an Active Lifestyle

Working out, traveling, working are the little things in life that make it beautiful. However, when you are at the gym or simply walking to the bar – You can hurt your ankles.

The worst thing about ankle injuries is that they can happen at any time. Walking around, you can twist your ankle. Or, you can put extra pressure on your workouts, tearing your ankles down.

Whatever the case, you are going to notice a hurt ankle immediately.

Foot Conditions Treatment

There are various foot conditions related to ankles. The most common forms of ankle-related foot injuries are plantar fasciitis, Achilles heel, and tendonitis. Medical jargon aside, ankle injuries are easily treatable. A good way to lessen the pain caused by these injuries is to use specialized inserts for every condition such as insoles for plantar fasciitis for instance.

While the ankle recovers, the recovery process’s primary symptoms are inflammation and swelling. The recovery process is over when the swelling and inflammation stops if the injury is regular and not severe.

Most ankle compression socks reduce swelling and inflammation. The compression effect keeps the ankle tight, reduces unnecessary movement, speeding up the process.

Some ankle compression socks have additional features. For example, specific models have temperature regulating capabilities.

Also, ankle compression socks help you throughout the whole recovery process. Wear the socks after the initial injury, and even after you sanitize the problem.

That’s possible since the primary purpose of ankle compression socks is to support you.

Joint Support

Ankle compression socks have a unique design. You can slip them on, and they grip tight the area around the joint.

The benefit you are going to enjoy the most is the arch support. Wearing the ankle compression socks elevate your foot and position the joint. Your ankle is vulnerable to further damage if it lacks proper positioning.

Sometimes, it’s even necessary to provide heel support. Then, the compression is complete, and the recovery can reach full effect.

Specific models provide more or less compression. Also, some compression ankle socks have additional laces and straps for even better support.

The crucial part of ankle recovery is positioning. When you step without additional support, you are tearing the joint down. The inflammation and swelling increase, reducing the chance for the joint to heal properly.

However, the initial state of injury passes. You’ll be able to move your foot sooner than you think.


The excellent feature of ankle compression socks is elasticity. The ankle treatment, and any other joint treatment for that matter, has several phases.

In the first phase, swelling is at its peak. It’s almost impossible to move the joint and step on your foot. After 5-10 days, the swelling is almost completely gone. With each passing day, your ankle retains its mobility.

Then, you want to move your foot as much as you can. The advantage of this type of medical equipment is that it provides you with both elasticity and compression.

With ankle compression socks, you’ll be able to move your foot while keeping it in a favorable position for recovery. When the recovery reaches its completion, you want to wear it to prevent further damage.

That is especially important when you want to return to your active lifestyle and work out.


Finally, the worst thing about the joint injury is downtime. Hurting your ankle joint is a specific type of injury. Unlike injuries to other joints, the ankle directly impacts your ability to walk and stand.

The inability to walk is excruciating. Also, it creates a sense of doubt in your ability to work out. It gets even worse when you put a mild strain on the ankle, only to feel pain and discomfort.

The ankle compression socks hold the joint in the proper position without an expense on mobility. You can wear socks in the post-treatment period. So, you can work out and increase the pace as your joint heals.

Of course, if you recovered recently, avoid intense workouts. Still, you can wear the ankle compression socks at any time and in any situation.

Wear Them Causally

Finally, you can wear socks without any restraints. The compression socks align with the skin, gripping the foot. Also, the socks are thin. You can wear them under your regular socks and while wearing footwear.

Of course, it’s best to wear them while you are barefoot. At the beginning of the recovery process, that’s the way you are going to wear them the most. Yet, as your recovery progresses, you’ll have to start wearing socks and shoes.

You have to wear sneakers to the gym. So, you can do that without any issue, even with ankle compression socks.

Some socks model use specific material mashes consisting of nylon and rubber. That way, you get more comfort and elasticity. However, some socks use double stitching and other sewing techniques for more compression. Those models tend to be less comfortable.

Either way, always think about size first. Even if you like a specific model, it has to fit your foot before the purchase.

Buy Ankle Compression Socks

A pair of ankle compression socks is all you need for an active lifestyle. Wearing them leaves you without any discomfort.

The only thing you need to do is to find the right pair. Find the model that fits you the best, and return to the active lifestyle in no time.

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