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As social and economic animals, human beings love doing more things in less time. In the past, the quest to achieve more in less time was extremely difficult. However, with the advent of the internet and innovative technologies such as mobile apps, it’s now relatively much easier to achieve more in less time. To help those who are still finding it hard to use technology to their advantage when it comes to increasing productivity, here are the top apps that will help you boost your productivity.

Ink Flow

Ink Flow is a mobile app that’s very useful for anyone who wants to boost productivity. This app will appeal to almost everyone due to its simplicity. The main interface of Ink Flow depicts a blank page with a pencil placed at the bottom. It’s the user’s prerogative either to start operating this app from a blank page or to choose any one template from the list of templates that come with the app. On the blank page (or template depending on the user’s preference), the user can start some brainstorming sessions. Listing down the tasks he wants to complete, how he wants to complete them, what tools may be essential in undertaking the task and scheduling the timeframes in which to complete the task. If the user successfully manages to finish the brainstorming session, then he can proceed to do the real thing. Ink Flow is a must have app for every professional regardless of the field you find yourself in be it tutoring, engineering, plumbing or working as a professional gambler at sites such as The app is available on the Google Play Store as well as on the App Store.


Many times, the reason why many professionals fail to be as productive as they intend is not due to procrastination. Rather it’s because they may totally forget what they ought to do. Considering that most professionals work to tight schedules, it’s clear to see why certain things may slip out of their minds. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, you ought to know that there is a handy app which can help solve this problem. The name of this app is Evernote. With Evernote, users can list everything that wants to do, set up a daily schedule, record voice reminders, create to-do lists, and get notifications for when they should start preparing to undertake certain tasks. The beauty of Evernote is that it can be synchronized across many devices and it also works on the desktop.


RescueTime is a freemium app which helps users to keep track of their time. With RescueTime, you can set personal productivity goals and in the process keep track of how well you are working to attain the goal you set. It’s all up to the user to set if he wants to receive, daily, weekly or monthly notifications of his progress. RescueTime is also a great app for those who want to limit the time they spend on different social media platforms as the app can record and reveal the amount of time that you spend on the internet and the websites you browse.

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