Archery Basics: What Makes the Top Compound Bows

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One of the most important developments that mankind learned throughout the course of its existence is hunting. Our ancestors needed food in order to survive but it was much more instinctual in the earlier stages. However, they learned that it would be much easier done with tools instead of just your hands and brute strength. Mammoths and saber toothed tigers will usually not go down without a fight. They had to use their creativity to tackle this problem in a much easier and efficient manner. One of those tools that were used is the bow and arrow.

We might never know who invented the bow, as there were numerous tribes all around the world that has them. However, the bow and arrow were very important in the history of humankind. As said before, it has always been used in hunting for the longest period of time, but it has been very popular as a weapon as well. Many of the wars fought in most countries around the world used bows and arrows. Its versatility and lethality (when used properly) makes it a must-have skill for anyone in the old world. However, the introduction of gunpowder has made this almost obsolete. Learn more about this bit of history here.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in archery. This is probably due to the use of it in many popular franchises across Hollywood and beyond. Think of Katniss from Hunger Games and Green Arrow from that TV show. One of the appeals of this sport is almost anyone can do it. Archery is a skill that can be mastered as long as the person is dedicated to his craft. It might take years before you can even properly shoot a target. However, it is still so much more achievable than having super strength or endless amount of wealth.

Now, where to start? If you reading this, chances are you already have some sort of experience with archery. You may have a longbow at home or it was passed down by your family as a skill. Compound bows are not really beginner friendly, but they can be used by almost anybody. There might be a lot more parts that you need to familiarize more than a bow and arrow. Choosing the best compound bow might come down to your preferences and needs, but there are certainly top sellers out there that can be added because of it. You can find them in websites as well like this one:

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Here are some tips that you need to do before choosing a compound bow:

Knowing Your Dominant Eye

If you have experience with the bow, then you might actually have an idea on what your dominant eye should be. This is the eye that has does not move its line of vision when you close your eyes. For a quick eye test, use one of your fingers to point to a faraway object. After which, close one of your eyes. If your finger stays on its position, then the still open eye is your dominant eye. If otherwise, then the other eye might be the dominant eye. Take note that not all people may have a dominant eye so take that into consideration. Read more about this here:

Know Your Draw Length

This is the part where you need to know the maximum length you can draw the bow back to you. This will determine the strength of the shot and the kind of compound bow that you need. In this case, you might need to go an archery shop and let them measure your draw length. It can be quite tricky to do it on your own, so it would be best to have someone measure it for you.

Know Your Draw Weight

Draw weight just refers to how much you can pull with the draw length that you have. This will also factor into the strength and distance of the shot. Once you know your draw weight, now you can determine which bow might be right for you. It would be best to have someone who knows the specifics though, as they can guide you to the best ones they have.

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