Are Game Shows Destined to Exist Mainly at Online Casinos in the Future?

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Game shows once ruled the airwaves but, in recent times, many much-loved classics have disappeared from our television sets. It seems that the on-screen version of this popular form of entertainment is on the decline, perhaps because of the rise of subscription-based television services. Game shows are far from extinct, though, and are being kept alive by online casinos. This could be the best place for people to enjoy them in the future.

Games Shows are on the Rise as Live Casino Options

In the early days of live casino, sites mainly offered classic table games. It quickly became apparent, though, that this medium was popular for a vast number of people, some of whom weren’t into options like roulette and baccarat. Site owners, therefore, needed to cater for them accordingly. This led developers to come up with a plethora of original and attractive options, designed to allure as broad a fan base as possible.

Game shows are now up there with the most played titles for live casino players. At, there are plenty of game shows for players to choose from, and they run regularly to suit people all over the world. Some of the options available include Crazy Time, The Money Drop Live, and Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live.

Many Much-Loved Game Shows Have been Cancelled

With television viewers no longer at the mercy of scheduling thanks to platforms like Netflix, it seems that televised game shows may be on the path to obscurity in the coming years. Some famous titles seemed like they’d be around forever, and it was quite unexpected when they disappeared from screens.

A prime example of this was Deal or No Deal, which was a mainstay on Channel 4 for over a decade. Noel Edmonds presented the box-opening epic for 3003 episodes, cementing his status as one of the country’s foremost national treasures. The 72-year-old even earned a call up to I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here in 2018, as written about in It came as a shock when the series ended, as viewers were left with a gaping, banker-less hole in their early evening TV schedule.

Another iconic game show that almost disappeared from screens is Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Chris Tarrant presented the intense quiz game in front of a live studio audience on ITV for the best part of 16 years, but the series with him at the helm was finally canned in 2016. According to, the host decided to quit to pursue other projects. Jeremy Clarkson presented some special episodes in the years since, and the series has made a comeback under the new host. However, it remains to be seen how long Clarkson will stay due to his other commitments with The Grand Tour. If ITV loses the 61-year-old, the studio may find it hard to resurrect the game show again.

With game shows becoming an unprecedented hit at live casinos, this could be the main place for fans of the genre to enjoy them from now on. It certainly seems as though the great televised game shows of old are almost obsolete, but there is scope to keep them alive in a different format.

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