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Software development projects are adopting Agile over traditional methods because of its many productivity-related benefits. Knowledge of DevOps is now sought after as it allows organisations to seamlessly transit into an agile framework. DevOps (development and operations) focuses on the relationship between IT operations and development. KnowledgeHut’s DevOps Foundation training can provide the spark you need to help your organisation leverage the best of Agile.

About the Course

The course is a 16-hour program with an expert tutor at the helm. The initial lessons will cover core DevOps principles like the theory of constraints and chaos engineering apart from several others. The course will also explore the hallmark DevOps practices like continuous delivery, kanban, and others. Apart from Agile, DevOps is associated with several other frameworks like ITSM, Lean and Sociocracy. There will also be lessons dedicated to DevOps culture and operating models. Automation is an important part of the DevOps practices – the course will touch upon technologies and tools like Cloud, Kubernetes, and the DevOps Toolchain. DevOps Leadership is another important topic. There will be hands-on sessions and case studies, so students are able to connect the theory with real-world situations. Summing things up, the course is an engaging and comprehensive introduction to DevOps based on the curriculum for the Foundation exam.

What are my Key Takeaways?

After you have completed the course, you will be intrinsically familiar with the objectives and vocabulary of DevOps – the basics that will help you grow further and earn advanced credentials in the future. In the Foundation course, students will learn of DevOps relationship with other relevant frameworks and how it helps workflow improvement. You will be able to apply the newly acquired practices and concepts to improve project communication and feedback methods and DevOps is an eye-opener to the benefits of automation.

Some other course elements include sample documents, DevOps techniques, and relevant tools. The course material also includes a Learner Manual which has been developed by the DevOps Institute. The course fees include the costs of the DevOps Foundation exam which you need to pass to get your credential. Participants will also receive 16 SEUs and PDUs after completing the training. KnowledgeHut also assures phone, email, and chat support.

Get your DevOps Certification

The purpose of the course is to give participants a robust and comprehensive preparation platform for the all-important DevOps Foundation certification. KnowledgeHut will facilitate the exam admission procedures. The exam will be for 60 minutes and will include 40 multiple-choice questions. The exam will be a paper-based one for those who attend the classroom training. Participants of the virtual sessions will have to do the exam online.

Why KnowledgeHut

With a global team of celebrated trainers and featuring a modern, easily accessible learning platform, KnowledgeHut has helped thousands of students and professionals receive a much-needed career push. The DevOps Foundation course will set you on a desirable industry path as enterprises large and small open up to Agile and its distinctive practices. Enjoy this immersive training program and build your skill set to compete in the world of software development.

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