Best Whole House Water Filter to Clean Well Water That Smells Like Sewage

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If you notice a sulfuric smell, or the smell of sewage, it’s generally a good rule that you might want to find out the reason behind your completely foul odored water. Many times, you may be surprised that this is your drain and not due to your actual water supply. However, in some cases, especially prominent with well water, you may have bacteria and other harmful minerals that are causing your actual water supply to smell this way though, and it needs to be tested. In this article we’re going to show you the benefits of how the best whole house water filter to clean well water that smells like sewage can also help solve your problems.

How to Tell Your Water’s Contaminated

Because your water could be contaminated, if your well water smells like sewage, you need to test it for bacteria or harmful chemicals. Any time it smells, you need to look into it. If it is primarily your hot water, then you may have contamination that is sitting in your hot water heater. The best idea is to turn the device up all the way to the hottest temperature that you can, then let it heat your water overnight, running all of the hot water out in the morning. This will help flush out any bacteria that can be causing this. There are numerous ways you can test your water in order to find contaminants, either by your own test strips, or having a professional come out and do it for you.

In any case, it’s generally a good idea that if you have any sort of well water system, you will best benefit by installing a durable, high quality AquaOx filtration system in your home. You can get rid of your sewage smell, just by hyper-filtering your water so that any drinking impurities are removed from your water. Not only this, but there are many other benefits to using an AquaOx system along with just cleaning your water for use.

What Exactly Causes the Sulfuric Smell in My Well Water?

Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur bacteria are the primary causes of your water system being contaminated when you have well water, which causes a sulfuric smell, and the stronger it gets, it can start to smell more and more like rotten eggs. If you don’t take care of this, you can actually start to notice that your plumbing fixtures and even things like your silverware is slowly turning black. Even at the smallest traces, you can still somewhat smell hydrogen sulfide and it has a slightly musty, moldy, yucky smell. It may not smell like rotten eggs. Smells like this are commonly found in drains and washing machines, etc.


The best alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on just fixing your water pipes is to install something like an AquaOx water system or a Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter System. By doing so, you can end up having healthy and safer drinking water, as well as eliminate harmful chemicals. If you ever expect that you may have bacteria in your water that could be harmful or causing a smell, you can always purchase AquaOx’s sanitation module addon that kills 99.99% of literally all bacteria. That’s like having a filter which acts like Lysol for your water supply.

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